Any way to reduce price by 20-50~ without reducing quality?  Or better yet any better/cheaper options?

Get a cheaper motherboard.

Also are you overclocking? If you aren't you don't need a Z87 board, a 4670k or that much cooling which could shave quite a bit off the price.

I am going to oc the cpu to the max it can go.  Also I kind of need the reliability of the sabertooth because im probably not going to upgrade ANYTIME soon. ;)

The Sabertooth is a great board. I have one on the 990FX AMD platform but really the motherboard I optioned is incredibly good as well and will last you a long time even with overclocking. 

Does it come with AI Suite 3?

Yes it does.

Im comsidering it but what are the main differences? Pros,cons, something like a venndiagram?

nvm im sticking with the sabertooth. Anyway any other suggestions anyone?

I think this is an incredibly silly thing to do but okay. 

Really your build is about as cheap as you can get. You may be able to get a cheaper case but that is about it. Even your PSU is about as cheap as you can go.

Never bought from these people before.

seems legit, gtx 770 for $90, what could possibly go wrong?

lol, it is about what i assume as well.  Yet it is from china, so.... *shrugs* nothing ventured, nothing gained?


yeah, uhh, did you scroll down the page? they posted a GPU Z screen shot, and it looks like a laptop GPU with a GTX 770 bios somehow installed on it. 112 cuda cores and 800 mhz core clock? thats weaker than the GT 555m in my old lenovo y570. I think that whole website is some sort of joke spawned from 4chan.

double post, but not without justifiable reason(me thinks)

not on that one(i don't think), there were several listed that I looked at while scratching my head wondering if the economy crashed again without my noticing.  fair to assume they're all iffy.

Soo anything about the topic at hand?

No. I told you this already. You are at about the cheapest you can go if you still want to OC and have good parts.

CPU: Is what it is.

CPU Cooler: FIne. You need it to OC. 

Mobo: Too expensive. Cut this to save but you won't.

Memory: Cheapest available.

GPU: Cheapest 770 available with good cooling.

Case: Could perhaps find one a bit cheaper but it won't be as nice.

PSU: Cheapest you can go. 

I mean if you only want to save $20-$50 then wait and save that much up...

U seem pissed

I wont switch mobos because the sabertooth has the exact fan headers i need, the long term protection, the "reputation", good overclocking, fits my color scheme, cools well in my very warm environment, wont be affected by dust when stuffed under my small ass desk, doesnt have too many bells and whistles that nobody uses and overall perfect. Nothing more i could ask for. Even if its a little bit more expensive it is the mobo for me.

Do you have a Micro Center near you?  They sell the 4670k for $190 and if you bundle it with the Sabertooth you get $30 off the mobo bringing it to $220 (regularly $250).  That's for in-store only though.