Getting money on Christmas but the day it goes in my account I want to buy it.

I might get more than I suspect so what should i upgrade if I do 

Gaming only, budget is ~$800 from newegg.


Im not sure on the price but I know it was less than $900.

check my rig out on my page.  I would recomend getting a larger card but this one can run anything Iv thrown at it (skyrim,farcry3,crysis2) on ultra with 30+ fps

the price also includes the CD drive and case and stuff but I just didnt put the non performance stuff  on the list.


I derped and missed your link. looks good but I think you should go with a diferent PSU and MOBO.

you are going to want to make sure you have the needed power with some room to OC. and Iv had bad times with ASrock

good luck :)

Build looks great the only thing I might consider is get a slightly more powerful PSU, just for comfort and if you want to save a bit of money you could go for the older CPU, the 4170. Not really a difference but it will shave a few dollars. with the 7900 series cards you get $150 in free games


if you need to be under 800 before rebates then

i thought the old fx's were unreliablle

scarp that rosewill case i had it its bad for cable rounting get this its on sale free shipping

also if you want to use USB 3 on front get this motherboard it has it onboard