Suggestions Please

First thing I want to do is to sleeve the cables in alternating IR reactive orange/black. Then I want to add water cooling and sound reactive lighting. I'm thinking I'll put IR yellow dye in the loop and then orange, red and green sound reactive lighting.

What say you? All suggestions are good ones. XD

One why is your psu glowing.
Screw IR just get normal dye and cable selves and just get good LEDs. Really doesn't help much unless you want to spray IR dots onto your stuff and have a different IR strip for those.

I believe that's the custom psu for this case (shown at computex?).

Is there a batter photo of it?

Is that the inwin just frame? That thing is more open than a hooker's legs near a 100 bucks...
First i suggest finding a case that actually have some walls, because this one does not.
Then I will suggest building non UV and using white, repeat white light.
Orange light will make everything look orange.

While the white light...

Black is black, orange is orange. Colors pop up better...
This might be it... I'm not sure but it's what came to mind.

I could not find the video of Logan showing it off, so here is the video from LogansTechTips. XD

That's it. All 4 of those drive platforms come out leaving two trays with hot swap connections in the bottom. I could but a massive cylinder-type tank in there.

That is one of the reasons why I got it. Massive air flow! I want to do IR lighting because of the glass side panels. They are "close to clear" when light is coming from the inside and a mirror when there is no internal light and it's bright in the room. I want the internal lights to go from off to 100% to off in 10 second cycles. Mirror ---> Fade to internals ---> fade to Mirror.

You know you cant see IR right.

Sorry, please excuse me for referring to "Black Light - Glow in the Dark" as IR.

Another reason why I want to use internal Black Lights is because this is how I am paying for my Computer Science Degree...

So when I blow my hard pipes and tank, they are going to be unique in the world. I can do stunning thing with Illuminati! (What glass blowers call Glow in the Dark Black Light Colored Glass.)

But again, what dose everyone think of my color ideas and dose anyone have any good ideas?

Ok well if the glass is UV then why would you need UV dye?
Also wouldnt the UV be green. pretty sure that glass glows green no?


Google "UV Glass" and select images.

***I am not and WILL NOT post my work here because the forums at are NOT a forum for commercial sales.

So that looks pretty opaque so no need to dye the fluid.
I would get White LEDs and a UV LED. have orange cables and fans and what not.
and have the White LED on while the UV is off and then fade between them. might need to set up a circuit for that tho. Not sure how well you can do that on your motherboard.

Also. because of the nature of glass.... When you layer colors over colors and repeat you create depth. I see the color of the factory case lights as "Amber a little closer to orange." So if the dye is yellow (a very light color" I have yellow when I leave the glass clear and different colors and added depth when I put colors on top.

THANK YOU! That is a good idea. I will sleep on that and see what I come up with. If you have any other ideas, please post them.

THanks again