Suggestions on z97 mobo for daughter build

So I made a post yesterday about how I'm building my daughter a PC, she's only 4 and she uses a piece of crap 8 year old HP to mess around on and even just browsing it stinks. I have a dead 4770k still in warranty and I just RMA'd it today, so my CPU is covered, and I have a spare GTX 770 in the closet for when she does get old enough to game(she already plays Wii-U and the 3ds, not quite ready for anything I play yet). I didn't wanna go too cheapo on the case and it had to have an SSD, and I was originally gonna go with a z87 but why do that when I can go z97 and be in position for a broadwell chip if I ever wanted to? Anyway, I need some mobo suggestions that are $150 or less, right now I threw in the part picker an Asus z97 saberooth Mark 2(without the armor) which is $160. I've rarely messed with anyone other than Asus or Asrock for motherboards and I'd like to stay as affordable as possible on this mobo without giving up the possibility to overclock later on. So, any mobo suggestions would be welcomed! I tried to stay under $500 too.

I use an Asus Z97-AR. I am quite happy with it and its 150.

This is probably what I'll be getting:

I believe Linus also did his motherboard showdown series as well, which includes this motherboard. Overall it looks pretty good.

Part 2 and Part 3 are up as well, but I'm lazy and am not gonna bother finding them.

Recently made a build with a Asus Z97-M Plus mATX board. Works great if space is an issue.