Suggestions on VPNs and DNS's

I'm a pretty active Streamer and I've been having problems lately with my ISP throttling my Upload. At first I thought I was just crazy and I was just doing something wrong all these years but after seeing the same thing happen to my buddy when he tries to stream with the same ISP only at a over the top level I looked into it and noticed despiting having about 5 up I can only use about 40% of that at any given time otherwise I get throttled. Normally I should be able to stream at a bit rate of about 70-80% of my total upload. There is no one else on my net and im not running any other applications that eat up my upload yet I still can't use that full 70-80%. I've also noticed sometimes it's really bad and I can't even use 20% of my upload speed without frame dropping and seeing my upload speed drop to nothing. I'm new to VPN's and DNS servers I want to secure my internet and hopefully using a VPN service like Vvyper will stop this throttling but I don't wanna pay for something that might not even help my situation. My question is will having a secure VPN and DNS help me use my full download/upload capacity without being throttled and if so what service should I get? I'm not sure what sort of data package I need and how that all works to be honest. 

Im with PureVPN - has secure DNS, various levels of encryption, a NAT firewall service, fair subscription prices, good speeds (especially uploads) and a  foolproof GUI for setup. Even if you were not to get the increase in speeds you want having that level of security for your connection is worth the money alone.

I personally use a combination of's VPN service and OpenNIC DNS servers. Apply at riseup to try to get accepted into their secure email and VPN service. It took a week for my application to be processed but I am very happy with the result.

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