Suggestions on My new PC Build

Hey everyone, I have been following tek syndicate since 2012. Joined the forum recently, but have been reading few posts here time and again.

I'm thinking of building a Gaming PC for myself. Was using my Dell XPS (l502x) laptop for gaming until it started crashing in every game. Found that it was the problem due to old hardware, can't really fix it hence decided to build my PC.

Here is the part list:

Already own an SSD (Samsung EVO 850) and Monitor. For HDD I'm salvaging my 7200 rpm 3.5" Seagate 2TB external Hard drive.Also got a used ASUS Micro ATX motherboard for $10, will upgrade to a better MB later if needed.

I have currently $400 at hand for remaining parts, and can manage another $200-300 (max). I need my PC for gaming in 1080p 60fps, and some editing on photoshop and simulations on Matlab.

Any suggestions for the build. All opinions are welcome.

R9 380 or 380x

Or wait a couple months for ZEN and Polaris

Can't really wait till ZEN comes out, it going to be out in Q4 of 2014.

Would 380 or 380X be good for 1080p? I play AAA titles mostly.

I was considering a 390 in the part list.

Last I heard was early Q2. If you're only playing at 1080p a 380 will suit you fine.

No real need for a -K skew processor, since you can't reliably overclock on B85. Just grab an i5-4460 as performance should be similar.

Otherwise, everything else looks pretty solid.

I'm only considering 1080p right now, can't really afford a 1440p or a 4k monitor right now.

My only concern is to be able to play at 60fps, and since my motherboard doesn't have an expansion slot, I need this PC to last few years before I build a new one.

What about other components, do they look good?

I was indeed looking at non-K processor, but 4690k is only $20 more. I might get a lower end i-5 but will it last another 2-3 years?

I might upgrade the motherboard in the future considering i spent next to nothing on it.

Buy a single stick of 8GB RAM instead of 2x4GB or get 2x8

If the price difference is that minimal, then yeah go ahead and go for the -K if you can afford it. It was more around $30-40 on my PcPP, but I have mail in rebates turned off.

If you do decide to perhaps upgrade your motherboard in the future, consider a case that can house at least a Hyper 212. The Spec-01 and Spec-02 are a bit narrow, which limits your CPU cooler height.

Quick question,

Since I have spent only $10 on mother board I can still pick up and AMD FX and a decent motherboard for the same price of an i-5 4690k. Only reason why I haven't considered FX is due to it old architecture and support in the next few years.

Would it be wiser to consider and AMD build or an i-5 for my situation

Yeah was thinking of that, thanks for pointing it out. Since I gothe the mothr fboard for next to nothing might upgrade it later.

Would consider a different case, I really like the NZXT S360 but would cost me $30 more. Any alternatives to the case, that looks sleek not bling (too many LEDS)

Not at this point. An FX board and CPU would cost the same as that i5. You could do a 860k for $70 and Gigabyte has some $40-60 boards.

Nah then its not worth it X4 wouldn't be sufficient for simulations on Matlab or for editing RAWs on Photoshop.

Yeah I'd stick with the i5. Get more RAM and slap in the biggest AMD card you can buy.

So will find two 8 gig sticks that should be fine for now.

What I'm not sure is spending 100 bucks more on 390. Will it be worth the investment.

If you do plan on going 1440 or 4k before upgrading your system then yeah.

I don't think I'll be doing any 1440 or 4k anytime soon.

Get an i5 4460 over the unlocked one, you have a really low end motherboard that really no one should be using

if you have addition cash to spend you might wanna go for a free-sync display+380, or just keep the 390 and spend the rest on a 1440p display, it gives you a good deal more room over 1080p for working on it

the price difference from the i5 4460 is $50 dollars unless I missed something