Suggestions on build

Any suggestions on my build

Looks like a decent gaming build,

i would replace the corsair psu with a xfx 650 or seasonic, i had bad luck with a corsair cx400 in a fileserver, never a had a xfx/seasonic psu go bad.

i have a evga 770 4gb and in bf4 @ all high settings i use 3,2gb, @ultra i cap out at 4g, i logged it with gpu-z

2gb i too little for 1440p, i run 60fps+ settings and i use regular +/- 3gb Vram

if you run and keep running 1080p it will be fine, but higher resolutions sometimes not

Corsair PSUs are generally pretty good, but the CX and RM series PSUs are definitely not the best. Using an XFX or Seasonic PSU would be good, but also stepping up to a higher end Corsair series would also work well, such as the TX or AX series

Thanks i might go with a TX because i saw one on sale