Suggestions On Build

Ok i have a problem because i have about 1200-1400 dollars to spend and i cant decide on my parts, so i came here. I am a gamer but i will use this pc for other things like virtual machines and maybe some other things like programming. I have a CASE and a 2 terabit of HDD but i want at least 200 gb of SSD storage and 16 gb of ram. But i want to max out games like BF4 at 1080p. Thanks for the help and if yu have any game suggestions let me hear them 

I'm assuming your case is Atx?

Here's an AMD alternative that leaves enough room in the budget for a 780ti:

I personally feel that gfx card is overkill and I'm curious if his price is to include a keyboard and mouse. In which case factor that into your price OP. Twin Sapphire 7850's will run BF4 on max and even that is overkill. It is a great card to future proof yourself but even an r9 290x (I bought my friend a 4gb) will run it at max. I just personally cant justify 700 for a gfx card.

Awesome steal on that memory though


I have mouse, keyboard, monitor, case, and 2 tb HDD but how does that xeon processor stand up to the new haswell i5 and i7


Mid tower atx case by the way its is the corsair 500r

Xeon series is basically an i7 that isn't overclockable and doesn't have onboard graphics... fine for gaming (which will certainly require a GPU) so long as you're ok without an overclock

I am thinking about overclocking but can you show any benchmarks 



I don't particularly feel like scouring the internet for benches... feel free... you can use google as well as I can :P

The main difference is Xeon is server quality and i7 is consumer quality... so a Xeon is going to have higher ASIC quality on a fairly consistent basis and will receive updates sooner as they are meant to power machines that are used 24/7 in a business atmosphere... There's that, and the Xeon is $100 cheaper and runs on the same architecture as the i7... you can overclock an i7 to be a decent amount faster, but at this point we're talking seconds to nanoseconds of computing time difference on full load...

The i7 can be a good bit faster... the Xeon is much more affordable and will be better quality silicon on the average... 

Hmm If i go with an i7 build do you have any recommendations i have only worked with amd


And sorry windows 8 please

This do you? vs which do you think is better


I didn't acknowledge the virtualization in the OP... but I'd go Intel if I had the budget, and that'd give you a reason for 16GB of memory... 

I'd still go with my build, quad channel the memory I suggested (lower profile, low CAS, the memory clock over 1600 you won't notice) and go with the air cooler (it will deprive you from maintenance and still provide a solid overclock).... if you want to downgrade the mobo to make room you certainly can, (was trying to fit in the ROG mobo) but stick with ASUS... best mobo's out there... call me a fanboy all you like but I'll never order a mobo from another manufacturer and many others here feel the same (had a horrible experience with Gigabyte)...

850w PSU just seems like major overkill... and gold vs bronze will save you about $20 a year if you keep the PC on all day actively

This is what i have come up with and i like the MSi mobo better but thats my opinion