Suggestions on an OS

To get right to it, Steam OS or Ubuntu
I made a LAN box; for future compatibility and ease of use for gaming and setup, what should I choose.

I would choose Ubuntu. If you go with Ubuntu you can have steam open on start up and have big picture mode by default.

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Steam OS = Debian.......Ubuntu = Debian, your choice would depend on the amount of extra functionality you want, but in my mind given the two to choose from Ubuntu would be the better choice.

Start out with ubuntu, once you get the hang of the community and the basic commands and the terminal in general then move to Arch. Don't know much about the Steam OS so I don't really know that one

Alright so now the question is Ubuntu 14.04.3 or 15.04?

Depends of how you will use it. If it is a strictly gaming box that you will use as a console then Steam OS is ok. If you need more functionality go with ubuntu and just use steam on big picture mode.

Go with the LTS version. If you need any extra packages you can add them later. There will be a new on in a year anyway...


15.04, Unless you want to have the same OS version for a while then go for 14.xx 14 is a long term support version while 15 isn't going to be supported for a really long time