Suggestions on a Ryzen Micro-ATX Motherboard?

Would anyone here be able to recommend a Ryzen Micro ATX motherboard for use with a Linux system?

Some nice to have’s in order of significance:

  • Decent VRM thermals
  • BIOS RGB control
  • Doesn’t look too gaudy

I was initially looking at the Asus TUF B350M-PLUS but there’s no RGB control in the BIOS. I have the RGB Wraith cooler and RGB RAM so this is fairly important.

After looking around, I realized that Gigabyte was releasing a B450 Aorus M that’s currently on pre-order for the 31st.

Think this is what I’m going to pick up, as it looks to have decent VRMs and BIOS RGB control.

I think that’s the model they were caught lying about the power delivery on

The TUF or the B450M?
The B450M isn’t out quite yet.

tuf is an asus brand. it’s not a great board, but they dont lie about it being not great.

GB b450m previously stated 8+3 on the gigabyte page for it, early samples were clearly a 4+2, they pulled the advertising afterwards.

Oh dear God, why do you need that? AM4 is probably the only modern platform that have no good mATX boards…
ASUS TUF boards have been awful in the last couple generations. It have 4+2 phases, which is not that bad, but then first the 4 have awful chunk of alumin(i)um that won’t be great at dicipating heat and the +2 don’t even have a heatsink. On top of that they covered even the little hunk of alumin(i)um with their fancy IO shield cover, cause fuck cooling…
As for the gigabyte - well…

SADLY there is no decent VRM on any B450 motherboard. Not just mATX…

asrock and asus are making a decent itx boards, but that’s certainly not for everyone

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Alright, I’ll have a look at the video.

Since the case I was looking at (Fractal Meshify C Mini) has an ATX version, are there any ATX boards you would recommend?

The sad thing is, Asrock engineered the FUCK out of X399 to make an mATX out of that, and I can guarantee they would have made WAY more money if they have just made a great B350/450 mATX board. But no. We have B450 Pro4, that have the same 3phases as the old B350M Pro4…
Yes, they push my 1700X just fine, but come on… Make a decent 4 phase or fucking double the 3 phase to make it 6… No…

Honestly, Buildzoid explained it pretty well - everything under 150$ have the same VRM designs as the 60$ boards, just more features on the PCB.
If you really need good VRM for overclocking or whatever, you may have to spend north of 150$…

taichi (regular) is best bang for buck

Price isn’t really much of an issue currently, what I’m mainly struggling with is finding any motherboards at all.

I’ve heard the ASRock X370 Tachi is a good board, do you think that’d be something good to look into buying instead of targeting the mATX platform?

the x470 version is fine too if you don’t want to deal with firmware updates

What is your goal? Do you want high OC results? Do you just want an overkil VRM to be sure it will be stable and last a long time? What is your goal, cause there are different things for each of those…

The taichi is great board, and I would go for the X470 simply because it’s the newer version and have better memory support.
For the higher end overclockability I would look into the Gigabyte X370/470 boards because of their clock generator. Other boards don’t have that, while Gigabyte have external one giving you better control over BCLK and better overclockability.

actually the taichi has a blcock gen, as do the heroes. MSI added one with their x470.

I really just want an overkill VRM that will stay cool and stable. I don’t plan on overclocking much or at all.

Oh damn… They stepped up their game…

Come on, buddy…
AMD have made the promise of AM4 being viable platform up until 2020, so the next generation should work on the crappy MSI cheap ass shit 3+2 VRM board designs for 15$…
Stock it doesn’t really matter. Ryzen is CRAZY efficient.
You can easily get the B450M Pro4 and be fine with it…

I have no idea how it runs on Linux though, but it have decent VRM heatsinks somewhat and have one on the second group of VRMs above the socket, where most boards are only cooling the side VRMs.
It is still only 3(+3)+3, but it spreads it’s heat and have decent heatsink.
On the other hand the TaiChi is so much better than this piece of crap I can’t even express it with words…

it was on the x370 too tho, and asus did too

it’s never been a unique high end feature on the platform

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Uhg. So I was planning on ordering the Fractal Design C TG for a case, and right after ordering it I realized it was the mini mATX version that I didn’t want. Luckily for me, apparently the vendor that was selling it through ebay is apparently “completely automated” and doesn’t accept order cancellations at all. I sent out an email to the retailer and a message through ebay but supposedly my order has already shipped, despite it being around an hour after I ordered and a Sunday. Absolutely stupid.

I guess at this point I’d be looking for the least shit mATX board available to me unless they somehow accept returns after I’ve ordered.

Alright, so it does look like they accept returns, but I’ve gotta pay return shipping and they haven’t gotten back to me on any restocking fees.