Suggestions on a new AV/Firewall..?

Hey everyone. I'm currently usng MSE but i really dont trust it. I was a long time user of Norton 360 but decided not to renew to see if there is something better for cheaper or just flat out better. Any suggestions ........

Personally I like ESET's NOD32. It's fast, doesn't hog too much RAM, has a gamer mode, and is very good at catching viruses. I've got my family and friends all using it. They've not had a single issue with it. For 1 PC, it's around $40 a year. You also get a discount for multiple PCs and/or years.

As for a firewall, I perefer the built in firewalls in routers. If yours doesn't have one, or you don't have a router, there are hardware firewalls, but I've no experience with these. Software wise, I use the built in firewall, since I'm behind the router's firewall.