[Suggestions needed] WLAN USB dongle in micro(nano) format

What I’m looking for is the following:
-Small USB WLAN stick/dongle
-5GHz support (If possible)
-NOT a Realtek chipset
-Good/stable Linux driver
-Supports AP mode
-Will work with hostapd

I intend to use it with a Raspberry Pi 2 and Archlinux.
My current WLAN dongle uses a Realtek 8192CU chipset which stopped working with newest updates. The upstream driver is faulty in many ways (Unstable, bad transfer speed, dropping connections while in use and so on…)

pretty much anything from alfa is the bees knees, though most of their offerings, to my knowledge, are not that small.

Might I suggest a raspberry pi 3? if you’re using a raspi 2, for the cost of a decent dongle, you can just replace it w/ a raspi 3 and have wlan and bt built-in (though it doesn’t have a 5GHz radio). I think it’s a broadcom chip. The rest, I can’t comment on. Good luck in your search.


First thanks for you suggestion.
Checked Alfa out but all of them are “normal” sized.
As I got my Pi 2 gifted to me and it basically has everything I need I see no need to upgrade to a Pi 3.