Suggestions/Improvements on a potential $600 Build

Hey guys. 

I'm new here, lol.


So I'm building my first gaming rig soon (coming from consoles, hooray!), and I have a $600 budget before rebates.

I live in Troy, Michigan: Zip Code 48085 (<===== TMI :/)

I came up with this build here, but before you look at it, keep this in mind.

1) I went with the GTX 560 Ti because it was on fire-sale for $114 before rebates on NCIX Us; can't beat it, IMO.
2) Yes, I know the PSU is super overkill, but thats because I'm adding a 2nd 560 Ti at around Christmas time. And I'm OC'ing both the processor and both GPU's.
3) Before you freak out at me for not having an SSD, I'm getting one when I add my 2nd 560 CHILLAX.
4) Ya, I went with the new Piledrivers for this one...seems like it wouldn't bottleneck the two 560 Ti's as much as an i3 or a Bulldozer processor. You have something better for my scenario, please tell me.

So's the potential build:

If there are any suggestions or better builds for the price (before rebates), please help.

Thank you, guys! :D


Any other info you need from me, please ask me.

Get 2 x 4gig ram for dual channel instead of 1 x 8gig. Everything else looks good to me


As Whiteknight said, get dual-module ram instead. About that motheboard, MSI mobos tend to be faulty, so maybe you can pick an ASUS M5A97 R2.0 instead? It has 2 USB3 headers. Nice deal on the GFX card BTW, but buy it NOW before the deal ends or the stocks vanish! I don't really care about the SSD, I'm fine without them. And I don't blame you over the PSU, I like to choose PSUs that are 750w+ as much as possible, especially if I'm considering dual-gpus and an OC. Maybe you can get a Cooler Master Haf 912 instead? They the best budget case currently on the market, and it only costs aroung $7-$10 more.

Everything else looks good.



I just picked up the FX-6300 processor and it is amazing! Runs everything perfectly fine. With the motherboard you should also check out the Asrock 970 extreme3 (which i also just picked up) and it is really good. Get the corsair vengeance 2 x 4GB of RAM instead. It's gonna be about the same price pretty much, but you'll be better off. Also if you have a micro center in your area check out this deal before they stop it. You get an FX processor you get 40 dollars off your mobo. Pretty awesome lol.  Everything else looks really good

Here, I'll share a fantastic resource for picking out an AMD motherboard.

Having already gone through them, here is a few I recommend for various price points at or under $100

All those boards should be reasonable to OC from and have more or less all the featuers your going to want. Feel free to check out that database for yourself.


YA THAT IS A GREAT build but if you want to add something add a 60gb ssd