Suggestions for SSI-EEB / EE-ATX case with support for multiple radiators

Um, hello! This is my first post, so I am sorry if something’s amiss, and apologize for my English.

As title says, I am looking for PC case to rehouse my hardware - my current setup consists of lots of wasted space on shelves.

I have two EE-ATX boards - it’s SSi-EEB, but taller on the CPU side. It’s SuperMicro’s proprietary form factor, coming from CSE-846 chassis, made to accomodate 24 DIMMs in ‘normal’ SSI-EEB frame. Examples of these boards are X9DRI-LN4F+ or [X10DRi-LN4F+. It DOES fit into some cases - like Fractal Deisgn Define XL R2 - I actually have one and can confirm.

My problem is I need multiple radiators - I have several SoC and FPGA cards with integrated waterblocks and including CPUs that’s ~800 Watts of heat to reject - that’s at least three 360 mm radiators if I want to do it quietly.

Do you have any recommendations?

I’m in Europe, so I have no access to Rosewill products.

Edit 2024.05.13:
After reading on the topic and researching your suggestions, four possible options emerge:

  • Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition ($240)
  • Thermaltake Core W100 + Core P100 ($560)
  • Fractal Design Define 7 XL (if it fits the board under the top radiator) ($230)
  • any other case capable of housing the board + external radiator ($160+case+housing+heat exchangers)

Failed contenders:

  • ThermalTake Tower 900 (will take SSI-EEB, but not EE-ATX) ($375)
  • InWin IW-PLM (has amazing watercooling potential, but SSI-EEB only too) - also no offers to buy. I think this is OEM only.

I included currency-converted prices for comparison. That’s already quite a choice, and further research.

Again - thank you very much for suggestions - and if anyone else has other suggestions, please feel free to add them!

Edit 2024.05.15:
Removed Tower 900 from the list - I have confirmed it has only 17 mm between top motherboard edge and side panel, so it’s out of the question now, but Thermaltake Core W100 was added - it will “fit” (top of the board will hang in the air) - and has amazing flexibility and potential, at the cost of high cost.

Still haven’t confirmed FD D7 XL compatibility.

Also haven’t found InWin distributor in my country or in Europe willing to sell IW-PLM.

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

Here are some options:

Another option, which I currently use, is the earlier Phanteks Enthoo 719 with an Asus Z10PE-D16 WS SSI-EEB motherboard. It has room for three large radiators, but the motherboard is right up against the PSU shroud, so if your motherboards are longer in that direction they won’t fit.



I’m not sure there would be any cases that fit this size of motherboard and have the correct motherboard stand-off screw locations that weren’t also Supermicro cases.

Out of curiosity, did the stand-off locations on the Define XL R2 line up with the holes on the motherboard? I would have assumed the Define case wouldn’t support the mounting holes at the “top” of the motherboard.

If you’re willing to put new stand-off holes in the case there are probably a lot more options though; years ago I shoehorned a X9QRi-F+ into a rosewill full tower case with just new stand-off holes:

I’m currently using Fractal Define 7 XL for my X13SWA-TF system (standard SSI-EEB). It has some room up at the top of the case, but depending on the dimension of the board, it may be a difficult to install a radiator on the top panel.

I can’t say I’m perfectly happy with it. The system is pulling ~230W constantly with 1x 360mm intake, 1x 480mm exhaust (I know different orientation can give better result, but system temp and dust are also my concerns). I need the fan at around 1000rpm to sustain Delta-T of 10c with the stock front door, and around 850rpm with a third-party vented front door. System temperature do get pretty hot, at 15c above intake (IPMI sensor reading).

I feel like for SSI-EEB + high heat load + a requirement for the system to be quiet, an external radiator such as MO-RA may be an overall better option.

Sorry, I forgot that you already used the Fractal case whilst searching for options. :slight_smile:

The Phanteks cases have side intakes, giving you more options to work around clearance issues. And the Enthoo 719 has its PSU mounted on its side, so there is space along the bottom of the case for a 360mm radiator.

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My Thermaltake Tower 900 can have 13 x 140mm fans. It can take 2 x 560mm radiators. The manual doesn’t say that you can put a larger number of smaller radiators, but I don’t see why not (other than the issues mentioned below.)
At the moment, I only have one 420mm radiator in mine, plus the two 140mm fans it came with.
This case is BIG, so your tubes have to be long enough.
Also, it was a bit tricky getting my AIO CPU cooler through the holes in the plate – I had to take off the removable cover, and the rubber fitting around one of the holes.

They’re not back up and running, yet, but keep an eye on CaseLabs.

First, I’d like to thank everyone who contributed here for suggestions and sharing your systems. I gained some good knowledge and had an opportunity to rethink my approach.

I’ll try to answer each one of you here, and I am updating main post.

I was NOT aware of the existence of Enthoo Pro 2 Server Edition. That’s very, very good find!
It could support 360 (top - out of the question with EE-ATX), and 360+420 at the front, that could be on the edge of my 800 W goal. It also looks like it should fit the board. That’s a very good contender. I would need to MacGyver SSD mounting (I have toasty Intel U.2 drives), but that’s looks doable.

719 won’t fit the board, there needs to be ~inch of space above the normal motherboard edge.

FD D7 XL is a huge risk to buy - it will work only if the board will fit under the radiator, which is not guaranteed, otherwise I may end up returning possibly degraded case. Huge no-no for me.

O11 Dynamic will technically fit everything, but it will get drives toasty, and bottom radiator placement is a risk for me (carpet/hair/dust) I’d rather avoid. This goes to “if there is reeeeally nothing else…” tier.

Also XL R2 and Define 7 XL are very different. XL R2 technically can fit only 2x 240 radiators, but I don’t think it’s actually possible to mount them in the front. 100% hard drives cages need to go out if that were to happen.

The XL R2 has almost perfect fit for the board standoff-wise. If I recall correctly, the top row has two matching holes that need to be tapped and, the far top right needed to be drilled and tapped. As long as you have M3 or UNC 6/32 tap, it’s 5 minute crafts, really. I personally didn’t tap the two, as I have some old plastic flat bottomed universal standoffs lying around from 80486 era, but I did drill and tap the right-topmost one.

Sadly, no Rosewill for me - they’re US-exclusive as far as I know. Newegg (I believe it’s Rosewill sole distributor?) basically doesn’t exist in Europe. I could import one, but current shipping costs are out of this world (I got quoted $1300 for old enterprise 1U switch worth $150 ~month ago)

I am very cage’y about this case, if it WOULD work, I’d be stoked, but it all hinges on the board fitting under the radiator. I don’t want to return it since I doubt I’d be able to do so with case in pristine condition.

I am not jealous of this board… okay, I am jealous! But I got stuck with Xeon 2400, so I went with ASUS Ace. With full send I cooked tubes with single 360/30mm radiator :C It wasn’t made for 550 W of heat. On the flip side I have three slimsas connectors. But if I managed to get 3400, I’d probably end up with M.2s, not U.2s…

About the MoRa - I noticed we have Alphacool Nexxos UT60 and UT45 1080mm here, which is half the price of MoRa and for additional $25 comes with dedicated metal standing chassis for it. I absolutely forgot that these huge radiators exist, and haven’t considered external radiator for this purpose, especially after complete fiasco with Aquacomputer Airplex years ago (let say I lost quite a bit of hardware). It is appealing option - if I stack heat exchangers I may be able to hook up more than one system - but also risky. External tubes, multiple failure points, risk of kinks, need to have another radiator if I need to move and run one of the systems elsewhere, and huuuge added cost of heat exchangers, extra couplings, quick disconnects and pumps. Something to weight on, definitely, because if 3rd systems pops up it may be well worth it, especially if I can scale back on watercool-capable cases to normal ones and dump heat outside. Huuuge thank you for this suggestion!

I saw a picture of this once, but I was under heavy impression that was uATX case. I stand corrected! But the more I am digging through the manual, the more I am wondering what kind of lunatic works as a designer at Thermaltake. Silverstone flipped the game with Raven, but this one takes it up a notch. I mean this case can fit TWENTY TWO hard drives, or twenty in back chamber or 10 + masssssive radiator. This is very good fit for overgrown NAS+VM system with gaming card/accelerator thrown in. I do not fear long tubes - I am soft tubing purist, so it’s no issue for me. But first, hardware needs to fit! :smiley:

The only downside is it will most likely not house EE-ATX. I am not exactly sure, since there are no exact dimensions, but it will either precisely touch glass or bulge it. I actually wrote to TT tech support to see if they can help. On casters it may be very well the perfect case, if a bit pricey! Thank you very much for this suggestion!

I ordered Magnum TH10, but before they got to manufacturing it, they shut their doors. I am so incredibly sad. And, sadly, I have no hope of CL coming back. Even if they do, prices will be most likely on par with naked LCC cases, and I suspect TT will try to strike again, I have suspicion someone from TT’s management has a personal beef with either CL or one of CL’s creators.

Thermaltake Core W200 would be so good replacement if it weren’t dual system. Also did I mention I am still furious at TT for killing off CL? Because yes, I am angry at TT.


Anyway we will see. I’m crossing fingers, but my take is if they come out with ITX system first it’s going to be very short lived company.

I found this case:

Though I haven’t found any site where to get this model.
But I see sells other inwin cases, maybe they also could get this case.

Oh no… Out of their lineup of long chassis this one is specifically the only to not fit EE-ATX motherboard. It would have been very good fit!

It’s 1.68" taller than normal SSI-EEB (13.68" x 13.00"):

Red line show where normal SSI-EEB board (and E-ATX/ATX) end.

That additional bit above I/O shield destroys compatibility with most of rack-mountable chassis and everything with top-mounted stuff.

Welp, I knew I was getting into though battle with them, but I need the RAM capacity.

ThermalTake replied:
“We do not officially recommend any of our cases for server motherboards. They are built for consumer-grade hardware.”

Such helpful, very wow.

Anyway, someone also pointed me to TT Core W100 cases - while out of the box radiator compatibility is so-so, and top edge of the motherboard would be up in the air, with additional pedestal (P100) I’d have all the cooling capacity I’d ever need. Adding it to the list.

I believe you may be right — it probably would be a tight fit at best. I have an ATX board, 12" from left to right in the picture. The glass won’t be a problem — it comes with standoffs — but the vertical steel posts might not allow a much wider board

Not only there is not enough space between top edge, but also it looks like there is a recess going above the level of the PCB here. EE-ATX is out of the question.

Normal SSI-EEB should fit pretty well, though.

Thank you very much for posting photos!

Oh, by the way, do you perhaps remember, how many hdd caddies were included out of the box?