Suggestions for more pleasing aesthetics. (PC internals)

Any ideas on how to make my build more aesthetically pleasing internally?

It's running with a Seasonic SSR-650RM right now, but I will install a fully modular seasonic x-850 in it once it gets here. That'll solve the ugly 24 pin atx cable, and the 8+6 pin cables for the gpu.


Other than that, what else should I do to make it look more professional? Should I paint the GPU shroud?

EDIT: Yes, i know. The smudge marks on the h100i block has been cleaned off. lol

Another question. Does anyone know if corsair makes fans with changeable rings on the opposite side??? I'd love to do push pull with red ringed sp120's, but if I did that, the rings would be facing the radiator instead of outward.....

no corsair only puts rings on one side

Btw good looking build all around (except for what you already said about the cables)

I did some re-arranging. Hopefully this is better. Really can't wait for the new PSU though. Those colorful wires are an eyesore....

Black electrical tape will help immensely with those there cables. Awesome looking setup otherwise xD 

Disco spastic lights