Suggestions for HTPC Parts at a Relatively Affordable Price(closed)

So as the title says, I'm looking to build a HTPC(two actually) for my parents who have decided to switch from cable

I'm looking to keep the price around 170 dollars per system. I already have hard disk drives and I also have an AMD Phenom X2 965 and another old Intel CPU as well as various old supplies laying around. 

Basically, if I want to go with a small form factor, what else do I need to get?


EDIT: Decided on a setup, recycled most of my old stuff, just went with atx form factor

If you want a small form factor your going to need ITX motherboards, I don't think they have any for the phenom X2, you will need to check for your intel CPU, if you are planing on using these.

About the cheapest motherboard cpu combo in ITX would be like an AMD A4-4000 and an MSI A75 motherboard at around $120, this is an apu and has decent integrated graphics.



In my opinion the cost of a cheap gpu would be more than an A4 APU. Something like this.