Suggestions for how to go about building a site to track location

So I’ve been tasked with building a piece of software for our RA to use to tell his residents where he might be during the day.

I debated rolling my own but really can’t be bothered for the effort, cachet was my next best plan but their documentation is so out of date I can’t get it installed any more.

Any good jumping off points for this? Basically I need a backend that an RA can login to, set his location from a predetermined list, and then that location is publicly displayed on a site.

Maybe more info is needed… But that’s a calendar.


I’d agree with you, but they want it “interactive”.

What does interactive mean? did they define that?

They defined the entire project as:

“The RA should have the ability to login to a site, change their status or location, and have that information populate on a public facing page for their residents.”

I’m assuming they mean if the RA has a change of plans the calendar isn’t screwed?