Suggestions for a good wireless adapter?

Hey so I have a ASUS 990fx sabertooth and a EVGA 660ti but when i plug the 660ti into the top pcie x16 slot it covers up my pcie x1 slot, making my old adapter useless

(kind of annoyed that they put that slot there instead of on top of the pcie x16)

My question is, can I move the gfx card into any of the other slots without losing performance? and if not what wireless adapter would you recommend it doesn't have to be internal. 

My router is about 80 feet from my computer in another room, and my internet is about 20 mb/s



you can use a 1x card in a 16x slot so put it in one of the bottom slots on that motherboard.

Wait so i can just insert the small pciex1 card into a big pciex16 slot?

Which slot should I put it in, 

1st slot has the 660ti

2nd slot: empty

3rd slot: empty

4th slot: empty

I was wondering because this is an SLI board and if putting it into one of those slots would confuse the motherboard or something?