Suggestions for a case for a custom loop

I'm looking for an E-ATX compatible case to use for a custom cooling loop. I'm using an atx board, but want the extra space to make things clean and have room to work in/room for future upgrades.

This isn't E-ATX compatible, but have you looked into the Fractal Design Define S? I had just recently bought one, and I am pretty excited about it. It has great feature set for custom loops, maybe even right up your ally.


That is one i've been looking at. It's got the pretty thats for sure.

Yeah it's a good case in my opinion, and it's hard to beat it for the price as well.

Case Labs

the Core X9 from thermaltake, that one's a cube case

are you sure you need an EATX motherboard?

My big problem is finding an E-ATX case at a reasonable price that will mount a 120x360 rad that's 40mm thick. Space for the mount obviously not an issue in a case that big, but i want that extra room in case of leaks. It's my first water loop. Used AIOs, but i'm ready for the nest step. i'm runnign an ATX board.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro...
Large with enough space for everything...

Then why would you need EATX support...

It's looks real nice in the 'Titanium Green' finish.

lots of space to work in for future upgrades. Make things easier down the line. Especially once i get another strix r9 390x for crossfire.

Probably not worth getting a 2nd 390X

but it's probably pretty doubtful that you'd use an EATX board, and there are plenty of ATX cases with more than enough room.

But if you just want the best then you gotta go case labs

Ill check 'em out.

It also have a few options, that many other cases don't...
The PSU cover is optional, so you may mount your reservoir on top of UT while hiding the pump under it with all the cables, or you can remove it and showcase your pump and reservoirs... It have a res mount on the back next to the Pci-e slots, so yeah...
Also it have 360 +2x240 rad mounts... Can't really remember if you can or can't remove the odd bays and have both 360 top and 360 front, but whatever...
H440 also comes in mind for 360 top and 360 front... Res mounting may be tricky, but what the hell,you can just squeeze it right next to the HDD plate, so it is visible from the window...

Basically 100% modular and expensive

I've actually got the page open and looking at it. I'm looking at the MAGNUM STH10. Makes me realize 'In life if you want the best, break out the wallet'.

Ya...Really though I'd buy a high end 4k display with a high end GPU before considering a case labs case

My thoughts exactly, I'd rather save for a Vive first. But down the road, it's a hard consideration.

Gen 2 VR will probably be out soon enough

Had a chance to try a vive at a demo and fun stuff. Has me wanting to get one, but price requires a bit of saving and planning.

This one is looking appealing; Thermaltake Core V71 E-ATX Full Tower. Anyone have issues/trouble with this case?