Suggestions for $600 laptop?

My friend needs a new laptop. He has an old quismio x305 and it is crapping out on him.

He wants to keep it in the $600 range, and be able to play guild wars 2 on high quality.

I'm thinking this lenovo.

Also, he is trying to get into graphic design. I'm not sure if this could handle that.

Any sugesstions on a different laptop or if the lenovo could handle what I've mentioned?


Hurry and get it while the sale is on.  It's a great deal and will definitely run all the games you want well enough.  The 640m (which is not the LE version apparently) will kill the gt 610.

 HP Dv6! They have AMD processors with the intregrated GPU's on most of their models. That Acer is a better choice though, HP's tend to have problems with the cooling units, I personally know where they're coming from as mine burnt up to the point where the charger melted and smoke started puffing out of it. Plus purely out of specs the Acer is better. But if not, I suggest HP. I just suggest a cooling pad if you do get one.