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(Suggestion) Visual Confirmation that I've bookmarked a thread, as well as another minor thing



Seriously, why do I get no visual confirmation when I bookmark a thread? Just changing the bookmark flag from the normal color to red would be simple and easy enough. I know it’s possible, because other forums which use this layout do that.

Also, why do you have the flag and bookmark buttons behind the 3 little dot things? It’s an additional 2 buttons; it seems really pointless to hide it behind 1 button.

@Ryan or Krista (don’t know her username) can implement this.

Edit: The 3 little dots I’m referring to is the “show more” button (according to mouseover)






Seems pretty obvious to me, or am I reading this wrong?


There is no visual identification (aside from mouseover) that I have bookmarked your post. This isn’t intuitive. There should be some sort of change of color, or at least a pop-up saying that I’ve bookmarked the post, but there isn’t.

This leads the end user to question whether they had actually bookmarked the post or not.

Also, those 3 dots are useless. Like Why


I was not even aware you could bookmark by individual posts…

I am with you on the 3 dots.


Never noticed the book marks problem because I never use the feature.

But the 3 dots to show more I am with you. It used to be that they were all laid out, an update changed it to the show more menu at some point.


It’s worse on mobile. Because you cant mouse over. I never know if I bookmarked something, so I have to go and check out the boookmarks manager.


The three dots is default functionality in Discourse.

I have changed the bookmarked icon to turn blue when you’ve bookmarked a thread.


Thank you!!! :heart:



I’ve been really wanting to bookmark things for so long, but because of it not being intuitive, I haven’t.

Any chance of you also removing the three dots easily? Or is that a more complex thing to change?