Suggestion on mobo and psu?

These are the specs, could someone recommend me a motherboard and a power supply ?

  • CPU: AMD FX 4100 3.6 GHZ
  • GPU: AMD 7850 1GB DDR5
  • RAM: 8GB Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz (I will clock it)
  • TOWER: Thermaltake V3 Black Edition
  • HDD: Western Digital 500GB 7200RPM 16MB Buffer
  • Optical Drive: DVD DL LG




First suggestion that I would make, the FX6300 is only a small price increase. If you cannot increase the budget for your processor, I'd maybe recommend a Phenom, in place of the FX4100. The Phenom will still run on the same motherboard socket type.

If you want a cheap AM3+ mobo, maybe the MSI 970 G43?

I really can´t spend more. Im looking for a 50$ mother and a 50$ PSU

Have you sourced any of the parts yet? And what's your max budget?

I guess that mobo and PSU would be my choice

Never buy or reccomend to anyone MSI mobos for AMD.

Get a Phenom II X4 instead if you can. Just don't buy FX-4***, they cost the same and perform considerably worse.

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3.

 For a PSU, get anything above 450W with 80+ bronze. They are all pretty much the same. Above recommended XFX is good.

based on the hardware you listed this is going to be the best bang for the buck that I could get.

I´ll buy the Phenom II X4 instead of the fx4100, i´ve seen some benchmarks and the phenom one is way better and cheaper.

That mobo is way too expensive for my budget, is this one fine? Asrock Fm2 Amd A55 120mm Fan

And this psu?  Thermaltake Tr2 500w 120mm fan


The mobos suggested are all around $50, or very near. With the XFX and Phenom that people have suggested here, you should be able to afford it. Since, the Phenom is cheaper than the 4100. Money saved can go towards the motherboard, surely?

Phenom won't work with FM2. You need AM3/AM3+. Preferably AM3+ 970 chipset, for upgradabilty, et cetera.

Asrock Fm2 Amd A55 120mm Fan

No, this one is for APUs, it has different socket.

Thermaltake Tr2 500w 120mm fan

Never buy thermaltake PSUs.

Ok, thanks!

Why not?

They are low quality and very unreliable. Worse than chinese nonames. Just look at the amount of bad feedback on newegg.

PSUs are a very important unit inside your system. You have to purchase something with good efficiency and voltage regulation. Or it will degrade your other components.

You can buy a functional unit, but some are prone to different problems. Voltage ripple, et cetera.

I used to have a very cheap CIT in a very old system. It blew up. I had a friend that had a CIT unit blow up, too. I've only known CIT to produce cheap units. They've never produced anything "high-end". Better to go with a trusted OEM, like Seasonic.

Is this one fine?(It´s really cheap) Sentey Bcp600 600W 120mm Fan


And this mobo you reccomended me: Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3

And this mobo you reccomended me: Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3

I recommended it over MSI because MSI boards have very bad voltage regulators. Gigabyte has it right for pretty much the same price.

Sentey Bcp600 600W 120mm Fan

It's noname, it can range from total crap to average. Cheap 600W sounds crap-ish.

Can you link a shop that you are going to buy parts from? I will try to pick a decent one from those available to you

The thing is that im from argentina and we speak spanish (the shop i buy things from is in spanish). Anything from 40$ to 60$ i can buy

Just link me the shop, I will navigate using google translate and choose the right model for you.