Suggestion for my first build?

Ok so im building a computer and this will be my first so i want feed back on if i should change parts. i want to keep it around or under $800. So is there anything that will make it cheaper and has the same if not better performance and what should i switch out?


CPU - AMD FX 8350


RAM - CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1866 

GPU - ASUS Radeon HD 7850

Heatsink - XIGMATEK Dark Knight II 

SSD - ADATA XPG SX900 64GB (already have a mechanical drive)

PSU - Rosewill HIVE Series HIVE-650 650W

Case - NZXT M59


Any suggestion are apreciated! Im manly going to be playing BF3, Gmod, TF2, Minecraft(Tekkit), Chivarly, and a few other. I want to make it semi future proof and can upgrade if i have to later on.


Seen as there is not an APU, there is really no need for 1866mhz RAM, you could cut that back to 1600 and OC it in the future if you feel it is too slow.

Apparantly the Xigmatek Dark Knight II is pretty bad, try swapping over to something from cooler master. I'm not that into CPU coolers so sorry that I can't suggest a decent one.

You may also want to take a quick gander at the AsRock motherboards, some really nice features there.

Thank you, and i chose the Dark Knight due to Logan's review on it. i was debating on switching from the AMD FX 8350 to the FX 8150 with the closed loop water cooler.

do not get the 8150!! avoid bulldozer like the plauge, piledriver anything is fine and grand. so stick with the 8350 you will be way more satisfied. also what res screen you gamming on? also are you planning on oc'ing straight away cause if not, use the stock cooler that comes with the cpu for now, and when you feel it's time to give it more juice invest in aftermarket cooler then.

also with the RAM craigpd is not wrong, but something to keep in mind is the the fx cpu's memory controler is not as good as it should be bulldozer and piledriver for that matter. unlike the phenoms which had better memory controlers but were only compatible with upto 1600mhz ram stock. so baisicly if you can budget it in get the 1866mhz stuff if not dont worry it's not a biggy just a consideration

Well i do plan on overclocking it, but nothing to extreme that i should use a H100 or some crazy cooler. I just like ascetic and thought the Dark Knight was good and it would look good with a UV light setup. For the ram i got it because its a higher Mhz but if i overclocked that would i get the same possible performance? Also, what would you suggest for an Asrock board that isnt too pricey.

Same performance, maybe 3-7 degrees hotter.

once again mate what resulotion screen you plan too use? as this will affect how far you can bump graphics up too how many frame's you get. also what refresh rate cause if its on a 60hz you wont see more than 60fps. and yeah if you oc 1600mhz ram too 1866mhz you will get 1866mhz performance, this will cost more energy compare too just getting 1866mhz sticks. same goes for cpu's. just make sure your psu you can handle the power draw espicialy if you plan to oc your graphics card aswell in say afterburner.

the memory controler on cpu's just dictates how efficiently the cpu can utillize the RAM. so say hypotheticly you had a fx cpu that perforemd exactly the same as a phenom. with the exact same ram at the same clock. the phenom would actually outperform the fx because of the memory controller.

sorry bout that, i jump ahead to fast at time, i plan on playing 1080p with ultra (mainly for bf3). But thats why chose a 650W PSU, if i have too ill bump it up to a 700-750 since its about $10 more but theyre not single rail and dont really know the difference between more than one rail (like i said im new to building rigs and want to ditch consoles).


Ok, in that case you may want to take a look at the 7870, slightly more expensive, but a fair bit more power, which you will surely need if you intend on playing Bf3 in that resolution on ultra.

Thank you, ill take a look now, i chose the 7850 since it has good reviews and seemed like it could perform to the task.

that's cool man no need for apologise, single rail is the way to go, they have more stable throughput. and bumping it up would most likely do more good than harm, having some overhead on the psu isnt a bad idea espicially if it's not a 80+ efficiency rated psu. also the asrock 890GM pro.r2 seems to be the cheapest asrock board that will take a 8350. any less and you will have to downgrade your cpu due to compatibility. at 1080 you should be able to get 40-60fps at stock hardware settings with what you have picked on bf3 ultra, a light oc on your cpu and graphics should put you in 50+ fps

gamming is mostly gpu bound, if you can afford a better gpu do it! graig is on the money with that

Ok from all the suggestions here is the new build this far.

CPU - AMD FX 8350


RAM - CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600

GPU - HIS IceQ Radeon HD 7870

Heatsink - Stock  

SSD - ADATA XPG SX900 64GB (already have a mechanical drive)

PSU - Rosewill HIVE Series HIVE-650 650W

Case - NZXT M59


The Dark Knight II is not "pretty bad" at all and is a great cooler for the price.

according to pcpartpicker the 750 hive is the exact same  price as the 650 hive from amazon both have free delivery too. sooo i think you should grab the 750.

and yeah nightwing is right there, it's right for it's price. if you had a larger heatsink budget then we would reccomend something else, but at the pricepoint it's good.

well a Heatsink is something i can upgrade later on, im mainly building this with my Tax Return since ive been putting this off. I was planning on a H100i or the NZXT Kraken later on.

sounds good. the kraken aprently out performs the h100i but only by like a few degrees on the higer oc's so yeah which ever really. for now all i would say is go for that 750, cause when you oc your RAM, GPU, and eventually CPU. your gonna push that 650 to the limit. amd products are not known for being energy spareing. that's intel and nvidia that care more about that kind of thing. (saying that amd gpu's eat power but they kick alot off ass) shame really wish there cpu's were more like that too

Well i chose the 650w to same shipping money and get them all at once since most of the parts i found were cheaper on Newegg, but ill order it off amazon ahead of time. But i think AMD might start kicking some ass, they seem to have kicked there game up but they are behind.

as far as cpu are concerend yeah they are lagging behind, but in the gpu world they are currently the performance kings. it's weird really you would think they would have the savy to gain an edge in both fields.

Well, maybe they have something hidden that will blow Intel up. I prefer AMD personally since theyre the underdog but i never had a problem with AMD products at all.