Suggested testing for used GPU?

I recently bought a  "Lightly" used GPU off Ebay. Apparently it has been Manufacturer refurbed and is still under warrenty. Wooh. Anyways what should I use to test it to make sure I'm not getting something that 'sorta works'.



Maybe try stress testing with various benchmarks, monitor temps, make sure the fans are running.

Also, if it's a second you bought for Crossfire/SLI, I'd recommend taking out your original card and just running the new one; that way you can determine whether the card itself is ok, instead of having other possible problems such as an insufficient power supply or problems with crossfire itself.

Which Benchmarks would you suggest?

Probably any of the Unigine benchmarks and 3dmark11. I'm not particularly knowledgeable on GPU benchmarks though.

Thanks :)

I'd use Furmark, if it is stable in Furmark, it will be stable in games.

Awesome. Thank you:)

^^^^ this if it can last 20/30mins of Furmark it will be fine.

run heaven and valley at the same time for an hour. If its not baked then its a good card.

Wont that bake the card?

I see no reason to run both simultaneously, but I would monitor temps via HWinfo and Rivatuner (comboed for a live OSD of temps, usage, and fan speed) while letting a benchmark run for an hour or so. Try a couple different ones. Kombustor (sp?) is an easy tool which will let you use OpenGL as well as test various other things. I would probably use Furmark, Kumbustor, Heaven (or Valley), and Metro LL (has a built in benchmarking tool), for an hour each. If you see temps get too high, set the fan curve manually to try to keep things cool, and then just let it run. Also keep an eye on the VRM temps. Those can be a problem sometimes.