Suggest me speaker for desktop

I am looking for a new speaker to buy for my desktop. My primarily uses are music and movie and occasional gaming. I am looking to spend about 200 USD. As for the speakers themselves, I am not much into flashy things. Something minimal and subtle would be nice, but that's something secondary. Sound quality comes first. Can anyone suggest speakers that is close to the above criteria?

EDIT: If it helps, I mostly listen to rock, electronic, jazz and classical.


A pair of powered studio monitors like for instance Behringer MS40 would be an option of good value for the money. That particular model even has optical in, if that's interesting. For the money you'd get very good speaker sound. Not the booming bass as something with a sub would give you, but considering the use I guess you might not really need that. They aren't tiny but being only a set of two they should be able to fit almost anywhere. Their MS20 are smaller, but do not cost that much less so I'm not sure about their value.

I highly recommend you look into the Edifier R1600t's. (I know they're not 2.1, but just hear me out). I bought them a few months ago, and I'd do it again every time. They're really great for every type of audio. Here's an unboxing and a quick review: 

They're bookshelf speakers, so they look really classy. But if you take the cloth protection of, they really look awesome. another upside is that they're powered speakers, which means you can connect anything with a 3.5 mm jack. The audio quality is outstanding, and everyone who's heard them was very impressed. Even a friend of mine (who is extremely cheap, he WON'T spend money) asked how much they are. He's now looking into getting a set for himself. They are $70-$100, so for what you get, they're really well priced.  

If you can't choose between a couple of options, get this! You won't regret it.


All i can say is logitech z623

+1 on the Behringer MS40's. They're great speakers for the money.


Of course, if at all possible, go listen to speakers yourself. I'd suggest going to a hi-fi shop and listening to expensive speakers from a well-known manufacturer (B&W, Chorus, Genelec etc.) first, so you get a feel for what a good sound system sounds like.

meh, just get a reciever a few boxes and a nice set of denon-bostonacoustic-audiotechnica-jensen speakers and viola

Thank you guys, I will check them all out.

Psb, Klipsch or B&W are all good bets. (They are all dedicated speaker makers)

I second the klipsh pro media. Best computer speakers i have ever owned. Very high end brand with a price tag you cant beat. They even sound better than my logitec 7.1. You can get them for cheaper from bestbuy I believe.