Suggest me a nice microphone please

Hey what's up guys. Been looking to get out of having to use my turtle beach headset, so I'm planning to buy some Sennhieser HD 558s. Now I just need to figure out which mic to get. I've looked at the blue yeti and snowball, and I was pretty sure that I was getting one of those. However I have just came into some information about dynamic mics being better for just voice over condensor mics. But of coarse, I can't seem to find any dynamic mics with my quick look through newegg. SO, that's where you fine ladies and gentlemen come in.


just a question did you happen to hear it form oshi7 stream?


Who dafuq are you and how'd you find me?!?!??!

lol yes.

lol I just got done watching his stream I have the same question I would like to get a new mic to go with my sennhieser hd428's but don't know what to get.

I saw this one and it comes with a small mic stand but it looks like somthing you would use for a live performace not for teamspeak and youtube but it seems decent.

Yeah if I can't find any dynamics that look good I'll probably just go with the yeti or snowball. I run mechanical keyboards of coarse so noice is a bit of a problem, not to mention family. But we'll see if any of the mates on teksydicate can help us out. For now I'm off to bed, check in on this thread tomorrow, hope to see some replies. Thanks in advance to anyone who does.

Use a Rockband mic (yes the mic from rockband) Its impresively good....

I have the yeti! I got it to do voice-overs, but pretty much only use it for communication when gaming. It sets next to my monitor about 2 1/2' away on it's cardioid setting. It works great for me(but then again it is kinda overkill for skype calls lol). I dont think it picks up the key clicks too much (your most likely going to have that with a desk mic). When I was shopping for one, it seemed alot of forums praised the Audio Technica AT2020.

Also btw, I don't know much about the headphones you are considering, but they are in the same price range as mine. They are the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros (I'm sure you can find them somewhere sub $200 so ignore the amazon price). I will never buy another brand of headphones.... just my opinion though..

Bumpping, anyone else have suggestions?

Blue Snowball, not too expensive and is a condensator mic.

Hmm, I was hoping for more options as far as dynamic mics go. I'm thinking about that audio-techinca, too bad it doesn't come with a stand or pop filter. There's also a CAD-1 on Amazon for cheap cheap, also not sure about the quality though. I definately want something like this though!

Epic microphone arm stand.

Ok gents, I think I figured out what I'm getting. Luckily Blue microphones makes nice dynamic mics as well. So I'm getting this enCORE 100 Dynamic vocal microphone.

Seeing as how I'm not planning to record instrumental sound and that this is cardiod I think it's the most appropriate for TS and maybe some video making.

I'll grab the arm stand I linked above and hopefully the mic will fit in that. Probably get a nice pop filter as well. This way I can just have the mic clapped to the side of my desk and hover somewhere around my head. Most likely just above my head, or in front of me between the monitor and my chest, but still above my arms that will be reaching out to use my keyboard and mouse.

My only worry is that I won't be about to properly point the cardiod ability of it. I will keep this thread up to date for anybody who searches for a similar answer.

I'm looking to buy a mic too o.O For teh YouTubezzz. Problem is that I need something sheeper than $30 or 20 since I'm on a small budget. Thinking of grinding through with a cheap Zalman clip on lol. Rest of my money is going into earbuds for gaming/general use.

I would get a small dynamic mic that has a stand

Of coarse! Of coarse. Blue, being the AMAZINGLY thoughtful company they are, decided that they would make shock mounts for ALL their mics.........except the enCORE series because since they're dynamic that for some reason means they are only handheld. Either I'm going to find a different mic that comes with a shock mount or see if I can find any shock mounts that will work with the enCORE 100 mic. </rage>

Ok update guys. So after looking around a bit more I decided to not go with the blue microphone. It's a shame, that mic looked pretty baller. But instead I seem to have found the perfect combo.

I'll be getting the Audio Technica AT2020, this is a side access cardiod condensor microphone. Watching a review of the mic leads me to believe it is a condensor microphone but on the less sensitive side, which will be good because I don't want my key presses being picked up. That in combonation with the cardoid side access feature will really allow me to directionalize the microphone to my face.

As accessories go, I'll be picking up the arm stand as linked above, a pop filter, and the seemingly pricey being that it's more expensive than the mic for some reason, shock mount. I made sure to cross reference the exact model shock mount on the Audio Technica website for compatibility and everything checks out.

I hope this helps anyone out that is looking for a similar setup and I will most likely be giving some final thoughts and feelings on the setup once I get it.