Sugar In The Raw

Any consumers of Sugar In The Raw here? I recently started buying it. I find it more easy to dissolve in tea and coffee. I also use it for my oatmeal and eggs in the morning and it taste great. Standard granulated sugar will not be bought by me for awhile.

So, it's just cane sugar?
The prices seem odd. $20 for 2x 2lb. = $5/lb., $48 for 12x 2lb. = $2/lb. seems to have quite a few products for ~$2/lb. without having to buy 24lb.

It is pretty much cane sugar but they also have various refined versions. It is expensive for what it is but my grocery store did not stock anything else. I only ever needed to buy maybe a bag a year unless I decided to go on a baking binge. I prefer to use it over refined sugar.

I like unrefined brown sugar to sweeten tea and other drinks.
Its not as sweet but I like the taste.

Used for years since I found it at Starbucks one day. Great in coffee or tea. Pricey but found in the natural foods section of most grocery stores or 6lb at Amazon for $17.00. Great with Valhalla Java or Death Wish coffee.

When I stayed at a Hampton Inn the hotel provided this sugar with the self serve breakfast. It seems to be more tasty than the standard granulated sugar.

I find the unrefined stuff has a nice syrupy taste to it, which adds to it for me. I'd say it's better than the refined stuff.