Sudo robotics mostly CV related

Recently got an openMV, microcontroller built for computer vision. It’s not super powerful but it is quite impressive what it can do.

First project was finding a tv that is turned on in the room and signalling another microcontroller to turn it off with a ir signal. (Dumb learning project)

Interested in building a robot around it, maybe a small mobile base using the openmv as a part of localization. It has a library for handling april tags but could also use other feature finding techniques to help determine where it is from a video stream.

Maybe that with raspi and ROS. Still roughing it out.

Has anyone else got/played with openMv?

I have some books from humble bundle that I plan on cracking open this summer.

I was going to be using an Odroid-N2 and a Khadas VIM2 (with NPU) to get my projects going.

Not familiar with either of those microcontrollers but they look pretty powerful. Back not to long ago I almost got a latte panda because some guy made a video where he used a pcie to m.2 adapter to install a full sized graphics card on it xD

I think he tested gtaV and few other games which ultimately performed pretty shitly but the fact that he got those games running on small piece of hardware was impressive.

Ultimately I couldn’t think of anything to make with it so I didn’t bother, may have made a nice low powered portable computer like a pi but with more processing capability.

Correction. I meant VIM3. But yeah the ARM SBC game is strong now. With alot of the ARM SOCs getting mainline support, especially for the GPUs, they are proving to pack a pretty powerful punch for hobbyist needs.

I picked them up to add some smart functions to my 80s and 90s cars as well as mapping and infotainment functions. I also have plans to use them to convert my house from an IoT nightmare to a de-clouded smart home. My wife wants the gadgets, but I don’t want the privacy violations.

very cool, I was just realizing the vim3 had an NPU even though you mentioned that previosly. What were you thoughts on using machine learning in your projects? I could see finding trends in your daily usage and such.

I’ve been fairly interested in learning more about CV and it’s surprising how much you can do with a standard laptop+webcam and opencv

Have not done anything major with them besides some basic face detection using some of the python packages. The NPU does make things a little bit snappier. If it had a larger NPU, I think we would be able to get nVidia Arm performance.

I am hoping that we see the newer SBCs come with NPUs as it would make getting so many projects off the ground quicker.