Such a great game for 10$


G33 what happend to ur utube account

nothing happend.

it says it's closed

" This account is closed. "

This video i posted is my channel lol

oh u got a new one?


what is it

that is only 10$? that looks amazing lol

oh, and subscribed =] i like that name gamers for life ^_^

yea its the 1st game to have Phsyx support :)

cant my Nvidia cards do that now? no 300$ card lol Nvidia bought the company that does Phsyx, as a AP physiscs student i can appricate physics, now i need to program my 8800 gt or 9800 gx2 to do my homework problems lol

yes but befor NV bought them this game used the card you needed now it can be used from The GPU's that support it.

total sweetness

Good job on not giving the name of the game.

umm i did its under the video


thats the game.

pop thats probably what u look like in real life