Subgraph OS - Pre Alpha Release

Subgraph OS is here! -

1. 64-bit only
2. 2GB ram min, 4-8 recommended
3. SGOS only supports legacy boot

1. Linux (Debian Stretch) based OS
2. grsecurity hardened kernel
3. Application sandboxing with Oz: brower, mail client, IM client, PDF viewer, image viewer, LibreOffice..Network egress over Tor
4. seccomp bpf whitelisting and blacklisting as part of Oz
5. Application firewall
6. MAC spoofing with Macouflage
7. Curated packages, such as CoyIM as alternative for GUI XMPP

More information here:

Subgraph like Qubes is another open source, security and privacy focused OS but! it does do things a little differently.

Three things Subgraph wants to bring with their new OS: Anonymization, Hardening and Secure Communications.

Follow the link below for a detailed explanation of how they set out to accomplish this.

As you can see they are really trying to make the things we need baked into their OS by default.

How do i get Subgraph?

You'll have to go over to OFTC irc and join the subgraph channel #Subgraph and download the latest version from the channel topic.

Clicking on the link provided will take you to a download page where you can also check the integrity of the iso image with the sig files provided. Please do check!

Then compare the hash to hash inside the sham256 file
use gpg and gpg sig file:
gpg --verify release_20160222_1.iso.sha256.gpg release_20160222_1.iso

Handbook here:

Does it come with grsec RBAC rules preconfigured? If so then hallelujah!

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believe it's included in their application sandboxing.