Subfolder notifications for email from work exchange server?

I have, and don't really want to root an LG G4. My workplace uses an exchange server. I have many many emails that I get daily. Within Outlook 2013 I have many folders that I organize these emails onto. The phone mirrors these of course, but I cannot get notifications on anything other than the main inbox. My last phone was rooted and I've had cyanogenmod on it. I've done this to pretty much every phone that I've ever had, and I've gotten kind of over it. It's just too much trouble for something that I'm not really interested in anymore. I hardly even text from the phone itself since I have desktop applications that can do the texting. I've also converted some friends over to hangouts/telegram. I currently just use some rules on my laptop to move the emails to also do something that requires the app to be running. That way when I leave work and turn my computer off those rules can't run and the email goes to the inbox and I will receive it on my phone. It's just a crude way of doing it. So does anyone out there have any other solutions? Other apps seem like a security risk.