Sub-zero cooling on the cheap!

SO, in the midst of my watercooling and test-bench project, I still want to do sub-zero cooling. I, however, refuse to pay $700 upwards for a phase changer. So, after some searching, and the realivation of the actual noise level of phase changers, I found a cheap, and silent option! Hamebrew phase changing project? I THINK SO.


I have thought about going to the junkyard, and finding a small car's radiator and cooling a PC. Because if it can cool a modern combustion engine, it can cool a damn PC.

Better find a nice pump :D

Oh, it's happening. I no longer have to risk freon gas poisoning!

so glad i'm not the only one whos considered a car rad (the wife threatened to leave when i pitched the idea). But my god the posibilties!

The wife huh?

What? Quite a few of us here are married.

Married to our systems.

Married to our systems, indeed.

I was just adding emphasis, I'm not hating on you if you're married. 

1st I am ignorant about this stuff and most other things...

Wow now my brain hurts...I don't want to destroy an a/c unit..But, could I just weave some flex hose or copper lines through the copper lines on the condenser unit and or behind the condenser unit..That then run to a dump box or wait they are called waterblocks..One line the cold water line (or side) would have to have a very steep incline..While the hot line (side) has a gradual incline..This should create circulation naturally..I believe..Then you would have two choices I think..You could eithier port lines to you internal waterblock or just wrap the dump box (external water block)in copper lines that then go to your internal water block and wrap around it..You would still have to insulate the lines and external water block, and you could still have a functioning A/C in the window..I don't know much about any of this I just get crazy ideas, then wonder if they would work..I love how you people who built the forums, no spell check...You guys be making me smarter. I forgot how bad my spelling was.Computers be making me dumb.I just like to throw ideas out there and see if it can help or inspire people..

No, you need the condenser dedicated to the loop. You could probably get by with a splitter, of sorts, but the work it would take, plus, having an AC unit attached to your wall and PC, wouldn't be worth it. Just buy some cheap AC unit to rip apart :)


Cool it was just some insane idea that came to me after reading the article..I don't benchmark or OC anything on my computer, just because of lack of knowledge and money if my stuff breaks that it. It would take me a long time to buy new stuff..