Sub $800 Gaming build

Wanted some help on my first pc build, and I was wondering whether any of you fine folk have any suggestions for it. The rig will mainly be used for gaming, with a good bit of general internet and word processing usage as well. Seeing as I would like to keep this computer for a quite a while I want to be able to overclock it at least a bit, which is the main reason for the 3570k and the 7950 over their respective amd and Nvidia counterparts, but if you believe there are alternatives to these please tell me.

The price without mail in rebates right now is a little above $800, but the rebates bring it down $50 and only last until Sunday.

Note that there is no hard drive selected because I already bought a 3TB on sale for $90, and I'm not factoring that into the price, although I do plan to purchase at least a 60gig SSD down the line, I won't worry about it right now.

Any replacements which would lower the price and still keep the same performance in games would be much appreciated,

Umm only select MOBOs can use a 3 TB HDD for a boot drive. You might wanna buy the SSD now seeing as its Black Friday.

I'm hoping to find one today that's not sold out, but thanks for the tip.

Alright.  I've looked it over and changed a couple things, though I'm not entirely sure if you could get a better graphic card or comparable one cheaper.  Someone else could help with that

[url=]This build[/url] is a bit better and still under $800.  (You can find that i5 at Micro Center for $170 if there you can go pick one up in store.  Saves $50)