Sub-$50(ish) IEM/Earbuds

In the lan party gear video TS put up recently they breifly mentioned the names of ear buds they where using and looking them up they look like a couple of decent sub 50$ish earbuds. I am interested in finding ear buds in this range for something that sounds good but still inexpensive so I don't have to worry about them like use/leave at work or whatever. 

  • TTPOD T1-E $30-$40 (the one spanks Spanks mentioned) 
  • Moe Audio MOE-SS01 $40
  • OSTRY KC06 $55 (the one Logan mentioned) 

I am leaning toward the MOE-SS01 because comments I found seem to indicate that its similar in sound(or a little better?) then the ttpod, and has a much better build quality. 

What are your experiences with these, or are there other ear buds you would recommend in this price range? 

Here are some mass drop links for two of those:

Might not be what your exactly looking for but the A-jays two and three are quite good for the money.
i have been using the threes for a bit over a year now the need there time to brake in i find that after the 50-70 hours of use the become reassembly flat with a bit lowered in bass (but nothing a EQ can do) and I'm happy with mine except that the print on the side have wared of.
if you can find them for a good price there are worth it in my opinion, I got mine for 300 SEK (Swedish Kronor) and thats about $35.

I find them on amazon if its any help (we don't have amazon in Sweden)
A-jays two $49

a-jays three $59

I bought the MOE-SS01 to try already from massdrop. once it comes in ill write what my impression is here.