Sub 200$ Graphics Card

Hello everyone I am looking into upgrading my graphics card and I'm wondering if any of you have any suggestions for a sub 200$ graphics card.Now I live in Canada and I would like to purchase through newegg if possible but I'm open to other suggestions any help is greatly appreciated.

Looks to me like the Sapphire Dual-X R9 270 would be your best bet.

Unless, of course, you were looking for something quite a bit less than $200.

Edit: Well this was on sale, but not anymore. Back up to $230. So I'd probably go with the 750 Ti suggested below.

For under $200, the PNY's 750 ti is your best bet. :P

you can also look at the 260x and 270

Not sure if you want to buy from NCIX but newegg is only 205$ at first

EVGA 750 Ti FTW from newegg, Best 750 TI.

EVGA GTX 660 FTW- $185 after rebate ($205 before). Also comes with Watchdogs for free.

NCIX is a canadian company, I've ordered from them a bunch and they usually ship out of Markham, Ontario.

R9 270

Do this^^^

Gigabyte r9 270. No point in getting the 270x as they're basically the same card. At 195 CAD (including shipping) its a great price. 

AMD R9 260X is a great card for less than $200. 

R9 270 is the fastest performing card under $200. The R7 265 beats the 750ti

Don't buy cards based on marketing. The 750 Ti is only useful when power consumption is an issue.

The R7 265 beats the 750 Ti in absolutely every benchmark by more than 10%. It costs the same (until vendors decide to increase the prices and say it's the miners' fault).

The R9 270 is a very good card, it can be overclocked to 270X speed.

There's no NVIDIA card in the sub $200 range that can compete with AMD price-to-performance wise. Until you add the miners into equation.

The 750ti can be massively overclocked, and match the R7 265, though.

But R9 270 all the way.

if you want to OC a 750Ti, i know MSI do a twin frozr 4 version...with quite a slim heatsink compared to their other TF4 coolers...

But yeah that's about $170, it probably outperforms my current GPU (560Ti) and uses naff all power...what more could anybody ask for...

I'll just leave this R9 270 for $162 here: ...


Thanks guys for the help I'm probably going to get the r7 265 or the r9 270.I bought a 750ti and it turns out it wouldn't work in my computer so the 265 or the 270 would be my best bet.