Sub $100 Headset

So I am trying to pick a headset that isn't to pricey and have it narrowed down to 3 and would like any input you guys can offer. So what I am looking for if the all around best headset for the price. I want a nice sounding mic for skype chat, game streaming and so on but also would like the best sound possible in this price range. These are the 3 I picked. 

Plantronics GameCon 780 I have seen good reviews on this headset and the mic sounds the best in the tests I have heard. 


Func HS-260 I really like the build and have watched a few reviews and think the mic doesn't sound great.


Logitech G930 I would really like to have a wireless headset but this is the only decent one i could find within my budget.  

Please give me your feedback, recommendations or whatever you can offer. 


Are you on PC? If so I would go with this:

and this:

It would be MUCH better audio and cheaper.

I am on PC. I will look into these, thanks. 

The modmic looks like a good option to attach to my existing headphones except for 2 things. there are warnings on the site and review videos saying the mic boom can kink and damage the mic which worries me. Also they are out of stock for 2 week then takes 2 weeks to receive. Im not in a huge rush but dont want to wait a month. 

I received the Corsair Vengeance 1500 for Christmas and it's really nice. Excellent (virtual!) 7.1 (or 5.1)sound when gaming and got good feedback, vis-a-vis the microphone, when skyping. 

Very good recommendation. I purchased a pair for my wife a few months ago and she loves them. I honestly just want to get a different set then she has. 

AKG K240S with modmic ...i

I have decent headphones and studio mic, I am  looking for a good all in one replacement for when I dont want to use this setup. I am not sold on the modmic based on the reviews and warnings on the website of its lack of durability. 

Look's like all of those are pretty good and no need for you to pick who is the best cause all are best ,lately i read some newsletter at and that newsletter is about headphones and i seen a lot of expensive headphones which many saying it was cool but you pocket will surely hurts.