Sub $100 Graphics card?

making a new build. Not really an avid gamer, just a bit of light gaming here and there, with Minecraft and a bit of Rome Total War. I am considering getting GTA V on PC if they ever announce it. Any recommendations for a GPU sub 100 bucks, or should I just get a motherboard with good integrated graphics?

what i will be getting:

phenom ii x4 965 black edition

8gb 1866 Kingston RAM

500W 80+ bronze PSU

Asus M5A78L-M AM3+ 760G




Just get an APU. The A10 is the best one for not too much money, though the A8 is a great deal. The A10 contains 2x Piledriver modules which makes 4 cores and on-die graphics that should be as potent as a 6670, which would be the best sub $100 GPu you can find. plus both the CPU and GPU sections of the chip are overclockable.

This is an APU build,integrated graphics.

I recently got a gtx 470 for $100 off ebay, if you dont mind used parts. just my 2 cents.

Yeah, go with this instead and throw the GPU in dual graphics mode with the APU:

The reason the RAM is so fast is because the integrated graphics in the APU are dependent on it.

or you buy a Radeon HD7770 card, i think it will run youre games just fine. for about 110 dollars

Powercolor AX7770 GHZ edition. 1GB GDDR5 about   (109 dollars)


Yeah, the 7770 is overkill if the most demanding game is Rome Total War. i can play that game on my C-60 APU, though it's CPU limited.

whats your total budget?

are you buying the parts you listed or getting them in trade or as a gift?

if buying, i can probably come up with something better for you. 

yes you maybe right, but i tought, he was searching for a graphic card arround 100 dollars, so tought  a 7770 maybe a good choise for the money. 109 dollars powercolor.

its a bit overkill. but if he want to play some other games, this card can be a good thing to :)

MSI 7770 GHz Edition for 90$..

Its actually a 7660 not a 6670

It's actually a 7660D, not a 7660. I never said the APU had a 6670 either, only that it was as potent as one.