Sub 100 dollar gaming router?

Hey there, I was wondering if any of you had an idea of what cheap gaming router I should get thats under 100 dollars and is good for many different devices (4) doing varoius things and still getting good bandwidth while gaming. I really dont know that much about routers and compatablity but it need to be compatable with both mac and pc.


Thanks guys!


Gaming router? Haha.

Thanks mohawk, I just have one problem, with the D-link I have, the network disconnects and reconnects at various times. Is this just my crappy router or d-link or something else?

I dont understand whats so funny Myuzaki, such a thing exsists you know :/

Its okay we no your donwloading PRON while gaming duh. I always wonerd if a nice exspensive router would get me better speeds on my 3mb dsl line. love living in no were