Su password doesn't work on sudo

what the title says. just installed debian on a laptop, mistakenly put the same password for su and the normal user, now, aster I changed it I can log into su with no problem, but it won't take sudo commands, it just tells me the password is wrong.

Is your user in the sudo or su group?

Also, it's a better practice to use su (and keep sudo disabled) and make sure to log out of root when you're done.

Oh, and don't forget you can use command "whoami" to see which user you are logged in as.

it's not, how do I get it there? (sorry if dumb question I'm a linux noob).

adduser <username> sudo

also "groups" command will show you what groups that user is in.

solved. thanks.

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Didn't do Debian that automatic with users?

no, debian doesn't promote sudo.

ah OK then i mixing it up with something else. ty