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Styxhexenhammer666 is now on LBRY

Around the 1:30 mark he begins to describe how to go about archiving and downloading content that is currently being consumed that might be censored or taken off the internet by proprietary ownership. He then begins to describe how to “submit and download content autonomously” by using a machine that does not run Windows, IOS, or even some types of Linux.

I am very new to this idea and would not know how to go about choosing an operating system that would grant me the capabilities to do these things without being linked to a cloud of some sort.

Can someone help me out?

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I don’t believe he is saying to not use windows, etc, but to not use the new versions of those systems. He wants you to use an OS that doesn’t have telemetry on a computer that is exclusively used to archive and submit content and isn’t linked to the cloud.
So I think windows prior to W7 would work in this regard.

I thought they backdated all the user metrics to W7, to allow them a better picture of what people use the machines for, and where it goes wrong?

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Would you mind changing the title of the post to “Styxhexenhammer666 is now on LBRY” or something?

I’m not a mod or nothing, so you can ignore me, or tell me where to sling my hook, but I was heartbroken to be tricked by this clickbait.

Good vid tho


Nice video.


me too, please consider changing the title.

About the cloud-syncing: already happens to windows, you have to opt-out from onedrive and that’s sad…

Also Media as a Service sounds sad but is already reality :confused:

I think you can do it for him since you are regular .

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Yes, that’s why I said prior to W7.

What Styx is talking about is new versions of windows and some versions of linux having baked in telemetry. I get what he is saying, but on the other hand running an outdated unsupported version of windows can be dangerous. You’re better off running a version of linux that doesnt have telemetry; for example Debian, without popularity contest installed. There are many other linuxes to choose from to do this and they should all work similarly and get the job done.

All you really need to do for archival is fill it full of drives and script it to download new youtube(or whatever other site) videos with youtube-dl.

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Will do (yay for being a regular)

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Just because one Can, doesn’t mean one Should…

I might or might not have corrected some grammar in a title, and I’m not entirely sure the poster approved

Hi all, thanks for the replies. I have seen some interesting feedback and will reply directly to some.
As for the title of the post, I did not intend for this to be clickbait. I titled the post accurately due to not possessing the knowledge myself to go about figuring out how to get on the internet and still be “off the grid” so to speak. I also do intend to archive some of my most cherished things on sites like youtube due to the fear I have of them retroactively deleting videos and stifling creativity because of faux outrage. Nonetheless, I don’t mind the title being changed.
Again, thank you all for the feedback.

Thank you for this reply. Is their a tutorial somewhere that will help me with both of these tasks?

a quick websearch and I found this:

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