Stuttering problem even after buying prebuilt

I've posted here before and I'm still having the same problem.

Even after buying an Alienware Alpha 1.

Every game has 'hitchs' as well as not keeping consistent frame timing (each second the 60 or whatever frames are all at weirdly different speed. I had an 8350/7970ge from about may to november last year running beautifully. Now, many times a frame will take a while and the next one will be really fast, etc.) To the point of being ridiculously unplayable

This problem has persisted through all hardware changes, OS reinstalls/changes (win7/8.1), Trying in different locations, lowest settings/resolutions possible (840x640 or whatever it is), multiple systems I've put together, amd cpu/radeon gpu vs intel cpu/nvidia gpu and now even a pre-built.

I've done all the things people suggested before they suggested it (New drivers, check temps, etc.)


I've literally given up multiple times because I've probably spent $2000 bucks now and can't play games on anything without damn stuttering.

I literally feel like me touching a computer breaks it.

The frame rate is higher than the refresh rate of the monitor so it shunts the frames look into freesync and set it to like 50-60 FPS that should help. Or get a monitor with a higher refresh rate or just crank up the settings to bring down the FPS. 

You didn't have to spend 2000 to do that.

Not sure why you think being too easy on the system would make it stutter every single frame.

Besides this is on every single setting

Here is some reading on mirco shutter

That is another issue you may be having

I'm having at least that. I've been looking this up for the past year.

Knowing is half the battle. But doesn't help anything.

Besides as the title even implies, micro stutter is generally an sli/crossX issue. The 7970ge, 7770, 650, and modified 860m of the Alpha were all single cards

Try capping your frame rate to 50fps and see if that helps

it seems like an obvious answer... but surely you've tried vsync... preferably triple-buffered...