Stuttering Issues with brand new Skylake PC build

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me out because I have run out of ideas. i just finished my first pc build, the parts list are as follows:

Intel core i7 6700K @ 4.0 GHZ

ASRock Z170 Pro4 Motherboard

HyperX Fury DDR4 Ram 2x8 GB @ 2133 MHZ

ADATA SP900NS38 256 GB M.2 SSD

Corsair CX 750M 80+ bronze PSU

DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 300 cpu cooler

I have been using the integrated graphics on the processor just recently as I sent back my R9 380 due to my lack of patience by not testing the integrated gpu to see if the same stuttering within games occurred, it did, I checked to see if the processor was overheating at all, but on air all the cores average about 24 degrees celsius. The ram was also tested and has no issues, I have reapplied thermal paste and reseated the processor many times with no success. The only thing that is very odd is this electrical noise that I thought was coming from the cpu but that wouldn't make much sense at least not to me. As I kept looking for the source of the sound I found that my psu had been making the electrical noise whenver I even moved my mouse on the screen, and that there was also noise seemingly coming from the cpu power header on the motherboard. My question is, is the PSU going bad and if it is, is it the cause of my stuttering within games and with the operating system at times. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Regards

most likely psu. unhealthy psus make noise. a healthy psu only makes fan noises. you might want to stop using until you can replace it,

ps isn't the cx the budget line of corsair psus? you might want to got with a tx if you can afford it.

also check the connectors on motherboard. one of them might not be connected properly. or one of the wires might be damaged and shorting against part of your case. either way, not a good situation, don't use the computer while you cant sort this out. you might damage components and peripherals

Thanks for the reply, yeah I checked all the connectors, even tried running the cpu without the heatsink for 2 minutes to see if it was possibly the fan but it clearly wasn't, resat the ram, cleaned everything well, I was just trying to make sure the PSU was definitely the issue this time instead of RMAing another component for no reason.

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check your power settings... if you are running on balanced your cpu frequency might be dropping to 1.xGHz thus causing stutters. Also check your hdd's/ssd... and for most... don't use swap/page on your ssd. It'd be best if you disable swap completely since you have 16GB of ram.

I could check the power settings, which I may as well do but that wouldn't really explain the electrical sounds I'm hearing. The sound gets worse under heavier tasks and I can control when the sound will happen with the mouse: if I don't move the mouse, the sound isn't nearly as audible but when I move it, it becomes loud for the amount of time the mouse is being moved/operated.

lol didnt realise that intel cpus throttled that low.
dang, me sitting here with my 8350 always at 4.2 :')

also if sound are coming from your actual cpu. you may have fucked up. i believe that intel pins are on the cpu and not on the mobo. if you bent any of them even slighty you may be looking at a non warranty covered fuck up :( although with lots of gentle caressing you might be able to bend the bitch back to normal. although not really recommended.

reference?, my brothers expensive fuck up, he's still waiting on me to hand him down my rig ;)

How many times did you reseat the CPU? :S

In total it has been seated 3 times, but I have checked all the pins within the socket itself and nothing is amiss, that and the actual cores rarely ever go past 45 degrees for me, so there isn't any throttling happening.

sorry i mean the other way around. pins on the mobo are far more scarier. bad chip maybe? try swapping out your psu and see what happens. almost willing to bet its the psu. i had the same problem except my cheapo psu was making crackling noises at idle and bluescreened at load. its more of a troubleshooting problem. however i would try not to run the computer until i fixed it. i had problems with my gpu after all of that. thankfully i was due for an upgrade, so it wasn't a problem for me

Ok cool that rules that out.

check where the noise is coming from. If from cpu, then i'd check if there aren't any smudges on the bottom (they are LGA they do not have pins. Mobo's have pins - ensure that there are no bent pins...) if you see smudges use 90% alcohol/ethanol to clean it up .

I'll give it a shot later on and share the results later