Stuttering and screen tearing on Nvidia

I’ve recently decided to give Linux another go on my main desktop (Xeon e5-2670 and GTX 980). So I installed Pop_OS 18.04 (with Nvidia drivers 390.48). It’s all great except for one thing, the stutter and screen tearing. It’s most noticable during videos, though I notice it a bit on the desktop.

I’ve tried a couple things. Notably this which sounded promising, but caused my system not to boot with an LVM error.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the stuttering? Or fix the LVM boot error?

run Nvidia settings as root sudo nvidia-settings
Under ‘X Server Display Configuration’ click ‘advanced…’ and check ‘Force full composition pipeline’
If you have multiple monitors, select the other monitors and do the same.
Then, click 'Save to X Configuration File" and save it as /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Not sure about the LVM error though.

That setting is monitor dependent? In that case I’ve done it on one monitor but not the other. I’m going to try this out in a few minutes.

Darn, that didn’t fix it. It did make animations/scrolling work better on my other monitor though. . .

Try changing resolution from Auto to 60hz or 120 or whatever you have. Tweak the quality settings, too. I often have to go to High Performance to mostly eliminate screen tearing and rippling (it never goes away on Firefox).

What DE? KDE and XFCE you can disable their compositor and use nVidia’s 100%

This may be the same technique @stenstorp suggested, but it did work for me. From a terminal:

nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode=“nvidia-auto-select +0+0 { ForceCompositionPipeline = On }”

It’s only good for your current X session. If it works, you can make it permanent by adding it in your desktop environembt’s session settings

@anon79053375 I tried the refresh rate and quality settings to no avail. The DE is GNOME 3

@imrazor I tried that too, also did nothing.

However, I pretty much dedicated all of today to fixing the issue and I think finally got it sorted out.
I removed the nvidia proprietary drivers and installed the nouveau driver. While that fixed the stuttering, it introduced massive screen tear (way worse than before). I tried the GLXVBlank option, but still had the tearing. Then I logged into Pop_OS with the “Wayland” option instead of the standard (not sure what it’s called).

Now it all works and I’m not going to touch it.