In my ineptitude I just broke my brand new 1tb WD Blue SSD trying get in my case. I connected it before putting it in and twisted it too much and bent the SATA pins and broke the plastic piece off the top that keys the connector. It now won’t stay in.

What are my chances of getting a replacement? My stupidity is obvious. It’s clearly not a manufacturing defect.

Last resort option: Does the drive still work? You might be able to hotglue the connector in place.

Between 0% and slightly above 0%. Greatly depends on where you got it from but even the nicest customer support has no reason to replace that for you.

Edit: redacted bad advice. Please ignore.

Welp, that’s two sides of a coin?
bad advice redacted

I have an older ssd that I broke out of warranty.
I broke the backing plastic bit away from the gold contacts on the power side of the sata connector.
But I placed the plastic in place, and put the drive into a laptop, and screwed it in place.
The connector is pretty snig in the socket, and has worked fine for over a year at light daily usage.

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I’m just too honest / naive. :wink:


I’d say, if you got a broken drive in the box, what would you do?
You’d be in contact with the company, getting them to correct their problem.

IIRC, even America has return and refund laws, at least to a limited degree.
[Edit: if product does not meet quality standards, there should be refund policies in place.]
I am not recommending fraud, or deceit to deprive anyone of property / money, but there are consumer protections, and they can be used.

Or just live with it, as it was self inflicted?

Maybe see if you can magic glue / super glue the thing back together?

Or might some epoxy / plastic glue be better?

Soldering iron in your hand …

or improvise …


Do you use anything apart form Nerves Of Steel to ensure you donlt bridge any pins?
Or is it just easy for you? :slight_smile:

Good job though

Soldering that pin pitch is pretty easy. I’d get frustrated and give up trying to strip the wires in the SATA cable.

having already return an hdd to a store as a kid because it didn’t work (didn’t show up in windows) while having no idea what diskmanager was and that i needed to enable the disk. i can say that store don’t know much about it and might not bother to care.

You “found it” like that… put your hand over your nose to stop it from growing, and you should be good.


I don’t think their product should break so easily just by twisting it. Maybe something is legitimately wrong with the plastic? Just be as honest as you can.

Even if they say you voided the warranty, you can acknowledge it and ask if you can have it serviced with them (the store) shouldering the shipping. It is relatively brand new after all. It should still be cheaper than an outright replacement.

In all my years I have never seen “bent SATA pins”… Pictures or it didn’t happen

my kind of surgery

I have made a hack like this before (picture not mine):

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… or solder like in those photos. …

… I had a 1TB drive 10-15 years ago that worked with ducttape (weird cooler master case was built with 3.5" drives going sideways and needed an angled sata connector, and I didn’t have a cable with both angled ends of the correct length that I needed, so I closed the case pushing slightly on the side panel, thinking cable would bend, and it did on one drive, not on the other). I think I still have that drive somewhere with a permanently duct taped sata cable and it might still work (or it might have died from disuse).

But this is for the Power delivery, not the actual SATA Port (which carries the 1’s & 0’s).

@Dimwit Do you have an update???

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Own up to your own mistake, don’t try to screw the retailer.


Just put the plastic back on, put on the cable and the pressure should keep it together, bend back and bent pins

I’ve done this before but without the plastic, no it wasn’t me who broke it

you can slide a piece of card stock between the pins and use a very thin tip on the iron
(old trick but it still works)

I put mine in a PS4 and laptop since it’s in a fixed position