Stupid Sound Card!

so i just bought a new pair of Siberia v2's knowing that they were the ones with the 3.5 mm adapter. When i plugged in the headset, i was confused by why they weren't showing up in my audio choices, so i went to SteelSeries web site to find drivers. Sure enough, they only had the drivers for the USB headsets, not the 3.5mm ones. So then i went to find drivers for my Sound Card, only to find that i need to pay $50 for a software that realtek uses to update it. I really don't want to return these headsets, but i also don't have the money for the software. Does anyone have any ideas on what i can do to get them to work?

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What do you mean they are not showing?   Do the headphones work, but the mic doesn't?

Since you say realtek software I am assuming it is integrated audio here.  Go to the mobo manufacturers website and look up the model you have.  There should be a download there for the driver.  After that you will need to open the windows audio manager and select the "Speakers (Realtek HD Audio)" as your default playback device, and "Microphone (Realtek HD Audio)" as the default recording device.  From there just plug the headset into the green speaker port and the pink microphone port on the back of your computer and you should be good to go.


I hope that helps, otherwise, what exactly is it that you have tried and what doesn't work?  With the 3.5mm versions you will not see anything related to "siberia" in your audio choices.  It will just be called speakers or headphones.

It's a normal headphone, it doesn't need any drivers - a plain old basic headphone (with a mic stuck on it's side). It won't show on device manager, it doesn't need any drivers because it's contains no digital interface.

It's just a plain old headphone. Plug it and listen.

any idea on what mobo a i7-4800 for a laptop would be?

would it be a good idea to get something like a external sound card?

For the drivers, I just use SlimDrivers to get all of the updates I need


Downloading the new drivers for the soundcard right now!!

ok so i got the new drivers so i can now hear things form the headsets, but i cant hear anything in game. Any ideas?

wait fixed that on my own.

I don't even... 3.5mm should not need any drivers. What OS are you using? If it is Win8 or 7 make sure that you have set the front-panel/Headphone/3.5mm in the Control Panel\Hardware and Sound >Sound "playback devises"

You should not need any drivers since Windows comes with a large library. In the case you actually do need, your laptop manufacturer should have them either on a disk shipped with the computer or on their website (check the "SUPPORT" tab).