Stumped - x399 Threadripper help

My x399 system has driven me nuts, i have done everything in my power to fix this system.

System Specs (will change in the future just trying to see if everything is working):

-x399 designare ex mobo (the source of my problems i believe
-Threadripper 1920x
-16gb ddr4 (2x8) corsair vengance RGB
-Corsair H115i AIO
-Corsair CX750M PSU
-Rx 550 (again will change lmao)

So to start with i buy most stuff on ebay to save a buck and have had no problems until now, I 100% know that my PSU, Ram, AIO all work because they were used in a previous system. My CPU was bought “used” but i was the one who broke the seal on the packaging and it was very much new when i got it. The Mobo and GPU are the only parts of dubious origin. When i first received the mobo i installed all the parts and got the post error “b2”… ok so simple thing to fix its something to do with the graphics card so i pulled the card and cleaned the PCI-E slot with compressed air and cleaned the gold connectors with a microfiber cloth. Upon reinstalling the GPU it no longer would begin to POST and the LED on the chipset heatsink would flash when i filipped the switch on the PSU and it wouldnt do anything else after that and had no signs of life. after this i left it over night then the next day i took it all apart, cleaned out all the DIMM slots and the CPU socket with compressed air, put it back together and BAM back to the “b2” error (i guess some life is better than none). HOWEVER i left it again to go to school and when i came back lo and behold it was doing the LED flash thing again… at this point i go extreme, i remove the backplate clean the whole board with compressed air reseat everything and clean connectors from PSU to board and PSU to power cable to wall, and im getting nothing again. So sorry for the freakin novel but i am so frustrated with this system and i just want it working. oh please tech lords help me diagnose the problem (as a last note all testing was done outside of a case)

Can you test the GPU in another system just to make sure it is not the problem?

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i have another system but it is an old DELL OEM from 2008 so i really dont know if it will play very nice with it

You just have to make sure the GPU is good.
Another thing is to switch arround RAM sticks (leave one out, change them, try different slots, etc).

update the bios on the motherboard. that may fix the issue. hopefully you can nab another video card from some where else. but if not maybe you can leave the card out and and do i bios update through the proper usb port , if that mobo supports that feature.

I see you’re only running two memory modules in a quad channel system.

Have you checked the owner’s manual for the motherboard, and checked which DIMM slots you’re supposed to use for 2 module installations?

From what i understand B2 means either internal uefi/bios error, or the GPU is bad/unsupported.
try replacing “insert random GPU here” with another and see if it helps, maybe one of your friends has a old gpu lying around?

i may be incorrect but im pretty sure i cannot update the BIOS if i cant get into a boot sequence

good idea, i only took a quick glance and may have read it wrong thanks for the tip !

i may be able to find someone with a GPU i just hope it will eventually work!

Ok sounds good, after reading these responses im going to reseat the CPU, change memory modules around, and borrow my friends Gtx 1060 on the board, will update with the result