Stumped on this one

Really don't know what else this could be so I'm just taking a shot in the dark and saying it's the mobo. Had my build put together for about a week now. Had recently posted about a squealing noise coming from my monitor that wouldn't go away. If I have th monitor plugged into another PC it doesn't make the sound. Only if it's in mine. Same with speakers. Now would that be a motherboard problem or what? I'm so confused. Everything works fine it's just that noise that kills me.

try putting you pc in another wall socket and then pluging the monitor to the pc. Try the same wall socket as the supposed non faulty pc :)

are you sue its comming out youre speakers, and monitor?

couldn´t it be coilwine?

It's coming from the built in speakers of my monitor. If I turn the volume down with the buttons on the monitor then the noise will go down but then I can't hear anything. It's at fifty right now so I can't really hear it unless the room is dead quiet but if it's any louder than that then it gives me the worst headache to listen to. Tried plugging stuff into different outlets but no such luck.

maybe its something with the gpu then..

how did you connect the monitor/speakers to the pc , with hdmi cable, and wich gpu do you have?

did you install the latest gpu drivers?


Latest drivers are all in. Checked those first because I keep getting black boxes randomly when playing even though it's not overheating and with reinstalled drivers. I have it connected just with the DVI cable no HDMI. Maybe it isn't connected properly?

I have a Gigabyte 7870 OC.


Hmmm is there a heater plugged into your power bar? they generally don't get along with computers when they're on the same circut... also could you post a photo (setup) to help us better diagnose this?

It's EM interference. It's the main reason why people buy shrouded sound cards so that it has as much protection as it can get from signal interference. Try using a DVI cable with onboard sound and see if it helps anything.

I've read about EMI caused by USB 3.0 that gives off a high pitch freqy noise. I'm not sure if that could be the cause but it could be possible. Do you have any 3.0 device connected? The freq tends to be sent out through the cable of the 3.0 device so if there is one connected try disconnecting it to see if that remedies the issue.

Alright I tried plugging it into another wall socket, still does it. I don't have any USB 3.0 devices plugged in anywhere either. And @Mndless it is conncected using DVI and onboard sound. Someone suggested it may be my GPU but that didn't make any immediate sense to me. But I did get a few random black squares on my screen for like a split second yesterday so maybe it is :3


Also just got home from work and started it up from sleep mode and now it isn't doing it. I'm so confused.

is it possible to connect the monitor  with an Hdmi cable (has youre monitor an hdmi port on it?)

wenn its the case try to connect it with an hdmi cable, if you have some cable somewhere, or  borrow one, to try.

Enterfrence  on speakers can cost of manny isues..  but mostly a bad cable.

- bad cable

- some power adapters can cause it

- earth fault.

ist it maybe an idea, to  put youre gpu in a diffrent computer and then connect the monitor to that..  then you can see if the problem is in the card it self, or its something in the computer it self.

if you test that,and then there is no EF then you know its not youre gpu or either youre monitor.

I'll try that later. I may have an HDMI Cable lying around.