Stuff's starting to break, so I need to update my system without getting upgraded

My gaming computer runs Windows 8.1 and I haven't updated it in a while, fearing the dreaded Windows 10 and not wanting to bother with doing it properly, but now that some things are breaking I need to get some updates installed, and I was wondering what the best course of action would be to get my system as up-to-date as possible while avoiding back-ported telemetry or a full Windows 10 upgrade. Any suggestions? I don't do much technical stuff in Windows so sorry if I seem like noob.


Every time this comes up I say the same thing. Your using windows. Accept it or move on.

The mindset is completely illogical. Your using Windows, but don't want certain things Windows comes with? Don't use Windows then, this isn't Free Software, nothing you do will stop the OS doing what it wants to do (not entirely true, but why play a constant game of cat and mouse on an OS you dont like?).

Your complaining about something you don't like.. but your still using it, that says one thing to Microsoft. Its fine. People do the same thing with games and other things, its silly.

  1. Install your updates and stop crippling your system and leaving it insecure.
  2. Move to Mac or Linux.

Wait, why don't you install updates?

Most updates outside of telemetry are for security, I really don't think its wise to skip updates unless you're sure of their functions.

I second @Eden's opinion. You can run Windows 10 on Linux in a KVM with PCIe passthrough in order to play games (if you so desire)