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So this is a quick post about some headsets and my experiences with said headsets....


Im broke about 90% of the time. The most expensive headset i have purchased to date was a Razer Tiamat 7.1 model.


Starting from the end...

tiamat 7.1's Lame sound quality.... seriously like pieces of paper at the the other end of a can. 7.1 ness? I actually got sick of the 7.1 being on with all of my applications running only two of the "drivers" and never really tried anything other than some basic audio tests in windows, and some boring stuff on youtube.  Would not recommend these unless you are in my boat.

        My boat... I have a large head... like xxxl Dirtbike helmet sized, so not many headphones out there get along with me, i have used on ear successfully for a long time and many many over ear head phones and head sets without success. 


Creative 3d rage 7.1's (virtual) Tested without gaming but much better sounding than the tiamats.  These were the wireless versions and did not get broken in.  I liked them at first... and tried stretching and flexing them to fit my noggin everytime i would take them off or put them back on, to no avail.  While the sound quality was leagues better than the tiamats it was still not as nice as my Plantronics RIG's.  The comfort of these headphones for me was bad, while the weight and materials seemed nice enough they clamped too hard on my left ear cartilage and created a pressure point on the top near center of my skull like many other headphones i have tried.


Corsair vengence 2100's. SOOOooooo close... I tolerated them for weeks.  Initially they were nice tight, but nice.  after a week they were awesome, and after two the foam had stopped supporting the medium/heavy weight of the head set.  Clamping force was at the threshold of discomfort for me.  The saving grace for many i would guess will be the good sound quality and simple application to manage them. The mic on these is kind of meh... im not sure what linus did to his but my mic was much better than his audio test. So these i might recommend you try... with a warranty and a grain of salt.


Plantronics RIG, (current... ish)  i have had these headphones for nearly 4 months and they fit very well and sound extremely nice.  The usb setup and mini amp phone connector is amazing.  These headphones broke in quickly and stayed relatively comfortable.  They have a very lame and very hard head rest which on my skull causes problems after about 10-15 minutes.  they have good clamping force and can be bent to have less which is what i did.  The attachments and extras are probably the only reason i still have these, i will be modifying them soon to try and get additional comfort out of them.


Plantronics 780's. Great sound quality, decent initial comfort and good mic and software.  Too much clamping force led me to trade these in after nearly a year.  I had bent, flattened and stretched them to fit for about an hour without serious issue but as my gaming sessions lasted for two to 3 Bf4 matches at a time that was not working out for me and they were returned abused and dying. The left diaphram was buzzing with medium high volumes of music after the year of heavy use.


Razer krakens.... i had them for 15 minutes.... and they broke.... nope... just nope...


To be clear, I am looking for good- holyfuckingcrapthatwasepic sound quality.


5.1-7.1 dolby actual or virtual surround ( i have no sound card)


medium lightweight


decent microphone quality.


wired or wireless, and basically I am trying not to spend 500 dollars on the headset and mic and or headset....


So ill keep updating, feel free to comment, and definitely ask questions.


I use the ATH-ADG1

Sound Quality is like a whole new world. I use for games and music, on the music side of life they are excellent high and mid, the low is not crazy kicking or boomy but still nice. The sound stage is very good and the mic is really good as well. The headphone jack is the stero/mic combo so you can use it with your smart phone, the it also comes with a cable that splits it for computer input.


Well you see i am a first person shooter type of person and accurate sound is one the things that link doesnt say anything about lol.


Just in case any one happens upon this thingamajig, i have purchased new headphones.  Beyerdynamics 880 pro's 250 ohm ( coincidentally they work amazing without a DAC from my asus z87 WS mobo).  I spent about 3 days A-B-C ing them and of course they are the nicest ones i have had to date XD. I also grabbed up a mod mic 4.0 and love it, i spend alot of time in teamspeak and ventrillos so it is making my guildmates, and platoon mates very happy.


On a random note does anyone know how to get a mod mic working in a galaxy s4 or nvidia shield tablet?  I have googled it and seem to come up with cyanogenmod, and some apps that claim to allow external but have reviews stating other wise.

If you want amazing surround sound speakers and a good processor/amp is the way to go.