Stuff for kids? I'm lost


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Does anyone have recommendations for my kids, they are 7 and 5 and need some good guidance for social situations. IMO Disney is evil and while I'm not into comic stuff, this could mean I mean good stuff.

Is there a Star Trek NG and Farscape for the current era?

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Adventure Time


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Maybe you can check the old Don Bluth animation films like:

The Secret of NIMH

An American Tail

The Land Before Time

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Agree with this

Try Miyazaki movies/studio ghibli. Pretty common titles in Japan, many I grew up with.

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TV Shows

Fairy Tail - anime and has violence but over all a good influence IMO
Little Bear - Awesome series and very good social interactions. Also old enough that it's been uploaded to youtube
Avatar The Last Airbinder - Very good role models and social interaction. Good story line and character development.

Star Trek is awesome. I would introduce them to it if they haven't seen it already. The new series might be more exciting for them because shit explodes every other episode.


Shit's dark dude... I guess...

Cool Runnings is a good movie.
Harry Potter.
Speed Racer - movie is VERY good. The family dynamic is beautiful and my family loves it. 11/10 would recommend.

I need more information for anything else. What do your kids like dude? How comfortable are you with letting them see violence?

I personally love Adventure Time but I don't know I would let my kids watch it. It's really more appropriate for a teen audience.

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That is what is great about Don Bluth movies. Imaginative family films that still are not afraid to include intelligent, heavy themes.

Also I second the Anime equivalent: The Miyazaki movies.

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for movies/tv
miyazaki movies(particularly castle in the sky, spirited away, and howls moving castle), avatar, kora, adventure time, pokemon, my little pony(never gave genders), naruto(by the time they get to the more mature content they will be adults), digimon, balto, kekkai sensen, log horizon, A Certain Scientific Railgun, rwby, soul eater,
blood lad, and jackie chan adventures(animated).

for books
rick riodan's many book series, harry potter, lord of the rings(i read the hobbit @5 and the rest by 6), diary of a wimpy kid, chronicles of narnia, hatchet and the other paulsen books, judy blume, the true story of the three little pigs, the borrowers, robinson crusoe, grimms fairy tales(before disney version), Roverandom, the wizard of oz, call of the wild and other works by jack london, the wind in the willows, the voyages of dr dolittle, and earthsea books by ursala k le guin.

if the content isnt too adult, throw it at them even if it's difficult to read like the lord of the rings. maybe they wont like it and maybe they will or will come back to it in a few weeks/months. who knows? you might be cleaning up after the next einstein.

Keep them away from the tv and video games. If you can get them to build things that is a good thing. In regards to socializing well one of the ways kids meet other kids is through sports although make sure you look for opportunities like clinics for sports where it is not competitive as in them keeping track of scores and the standings. Also something that kids do not do enough guaranteed these days is use their imagination. Give them ways to do this and heck just pencils, crayons and paper allows them to do this. I told my son who dreams of having his own shoe company to continue to design shoes and just keep what he draws safe as maybe one day he will have the money to invest in something like this.

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great show

Show? I am referring to the movie...The first one specifically that I actually think it is the only one actually worth it.

Just stick to older stuff, Dexters lab is always a good play to start

Or Power Rangers, because power rangers

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oh. i watched them all as akid so i didnt know

Don Bluth, Miyazaki, Arthur, Mister Rogers, Reading Rainbow and maybe the inventor of ASMR, Bob Ross.

Battle Bots and Junk Yard Wars.
is my go to place for family friendly stuff. Another place is , just a thought:)

edit: about the cost of 3 games

I try to consider everything you talk about, except sports which just gives you later in life injuries, like anything including driving, but there's plenty good about being able to play those games too.

I'm trying to get them off paper, which we still use and probably always will, but to instead create things on computers, mice, stylus, trackballs, game pads. Faster iterations, many concepts are not as accessible in physical mediums, that'll lead to visual programming and onwards from there, and I try apply similar thoughts to how they use their phones and tablets, which my son is without for a good chunk of his day.

In terms of imagination, that's what this thread is about. Some will be for now, others for the times when storytelling is simply the best way to give answers to things, and it has always been.

Thanks for the ideas :)

As children, they need social interaction with others and to get outside and play. Recreational sports are the perfect way to make that happen. Get them into soccer or something where they get all of their energy out and then sit around with other kids and eat oranges. I'm not a huge sports guy right now, but I have friends that I met when I was your kids age because of soccer. Those relationships will last a lifetime and are far more valuable than anything that's going to be on television (especially today).